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4 min readJul 2, 2020


Deliver stunning, smooth visuals from your connected USB-C device directly to an external monitor.

I’m always on the lookout for ways to enhance my productivity — particularly when the iPad’s involved. One of the accessories I’ve been lacking is an easy way to connect to external monitors. In the past I’ve simply shared my screen using AirPlay in conjunction with an Apple TV. That gets cumbersome though when you are trying to travel light and end up having to haul an iPad, an Apple TV, and all of its connecting cables around. Sometimes it would just be a lot easier to connect an adapter so that you could plug an HDMI cable directly into your iPad. Thanks to Moshi’s USB-C to HDMI Adapter with Charging, I now have that tool at my fingertips.


The USB-C to HDMI Adapter with Charging is a great accessory that allows users to connect USB-C devices to an HDMI display. This adapter supports 4K@60Hz and High Dynamic Range (HDR). While your USB-C device is connected to the external display it can also be charging with USB Power Delivery 3.0 up to 60W. The adapter is available in one color — Titanium Gray. The adapter is widely compatible and works with most laptops, tablets, phones, HDMI monitors, TVs and projectors. It is also compatible with Windows, macOS, iPadOS, Android, and ChromeOS. In addition to HDR and 4K, the adapter also supports 10-bit color with 1024 different levels per color. It delivers a true-color video signal with 4:4:4 chroma subsampling. The adapter is made from aircraft-grade aluminum which minimizes EM interference.

Supports HDCP 2.2 for Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services

Made from anodized aluminum

Supports Samsung’s Dex mode and Huawei’s PC mode

Product Weight: 0.81 oz

Supports 10-bit color


The packaging for the USB-C to HDMI Adapter is very simple and clean. Moshi has always done a nice job with their retail packages and this one is no exception. The front of the box features a picture of the product along with some of the main details (4K HDR, 60W PD). It also features the Moshi’s seal that indicates their Global 10-Year Warranty. The back of the box outlines all the features of the adapter including the fact that it supports HDCP 2.2, which is a huge plus in my book. The one comment I have about the packaging is that I feel it’s a little large for the adapter. It’s actually approximately 3 times the size of the adapter. Maybe Moshi did this to make the product more visible on retail shelves, but it seems excessive to me.

My main reason for wanting this adapter was so that I could quickly and easily connect my iPad to an external monitor. I have an 11-inch 2018 iPad Pro. I use it a lot at work and sometimes it would be great to be able to present from it without needing a complicated set up. This adapter makes that possible. The first test I did was just to see if the iPad would connect to my external monitor ( HP 24F 24" IPS LED FHD FREESYNC MONITOR) using the adapter. I plugged an Amazon Basic HDMI cable into the adapter and then I plugged the adapter into the iPad. I did note that there was a small gap between the base of the iPad and the adapter. This makes the adapter shift around a bit.

Aside from that, the connection worked perfectly. The display was mirrored from the iPad onto the HP Monitor. I pulled up Netflix and was able to start playing immediately. The display actually took the AirPlay-type function at that point because the iPad screen turned to the streaming icon while the video was playing on the attached monitor. I also noticed that some apps like Instagram — that always seem to display in Portrait orientation no matter how to flip the iPad around — actually displayed in Landscape on the monitor. This made browsing on Instagram much easier for me.

The next feature I tried out was the charging capabilities of the adapter. I plugged a USB-C cable into the adapter and then I plugged the adapter in to the iPad. The other end of the USB-C cable was plugged into a Tower Charging Stand USB port, which only outputs 2.1A for connected devices. Therefore I expected the charging rate to be a bit on the low side. I ended up with a charging rate of 0.48% per minute. For comparison purposes, I plugged the iPad directly into a wall adapter that outputs 65W and it had a charging rate of 0.50% per minute.


The USB-C to HDMI Adapter with Charging is a great addition to any iPad (or other USB-C device) owner. Because of its compact size it’s going to travel alongside my iPad for a very long time. It works really well, doesn’t overheat after prolonged use, and it serves a very needed purpose for me.

For more details, visit Moshi, Facebook, and Twitter.

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