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4 min readDec 4, 2019

Moshi Umbra Privacy Screen Protector for MacBook Pro


A premium solution for protecting your important information.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt prying eyes hanging over me from behind. It’s an unsettling feeling — especially when you are working with sensitive, private information. I don’t like the idea that anyone could have access to viewing the information that’s passed around on my laptop. I do my best to safeguard that information entrusted to me by sitting with my back to a wall or simply being observant of my surroundings. That said, sometimes it’s good to have a little extra protection like the Umbra Privacy Screen Protector from Moshi.


The Umbra Privacy Screen Protector is a washable, reusable covering designed for MacBook Pro laptop computers. It is available for both the 13-inch and 15-inch versions of the laptop. The Umbra serves two purposes. First, it protects the screen from scratches and dents. Second, it shields the screen from people who are viewing it at an angle. Moshi considers this accessory ideal for professions that handle sensitive information like healthcare, finance, or government officials. Umbra doesn’t attach to the screen using special fasteners. It instead adheres to the screen like standard screen protectors. According to Moshi’s specs, Umbra is 100% bubble-proof and features a narrow 50-degree viewing angle.


The Umbra Privacy Screen Protector comes packaged in a simple cardboard sleeve. It does include a microfiber cloth for cleaning the laptop’s screen prior to installation. The first thing I did was to thoroughly clean the screen. The instructions provided by Moshi state not to use any cleaning solvents except pure water. I did end up using a cleaner called Whoosh, which is designed to clean consumer electronic screens. I’ve used it on my laptop, iPad, and iPhones in the past with great success so I didn’t hesitate to use it this time around. Also the Apple Store in Louisville, KY uses Whoosh on all of the screens at the end of the night when cleaning up for the next day so I felt that it would be safe.

Once the screen was clean, I moved to the next step of the process which was to peel off the backside of the Umbra. I actually followed a slightly different process than what is outlined by Moshi. I left part of the backside attached to the Umbra and peeled it off as I applied it to the screen of the laptop. This helped me to keep it aligned with the laptop’s screen without introducing foreign particles to the adhesive surface of the screen protector. The Umbra actually stuck to the surface of my MacBook Pro nicely. I didn’t have a huge issue with bubbles and those that did occur, I simply pressed out (gently) with my finger as it was covered by a microfiber cloth (as shown).

We noticed the immediate difference that the Umbra provides in terms of privacy. My fiance purposely stood off to the side while I was Christmas shopping to see if she could see any of the presents I was purchasing. She said, she couldn’t make out anything specific on the screen — only the movements of my scrolling through the page. I’ve not noticed the privacy screen affecting any of my standard activities such as photo editing. I’ve been able to carry out regular operations without any restrictive views on the screen.


The Umbra Privacy Screen Protector is a premium option for protecting both your laptop and your information. The installation is fairly simple with the only frustration coming with the alignment of the screen protector and your laptop screen. It would be nice to see Moshi add a plastic guide for installation so there are fewer chances for human error. I love that this is a reusable screen protector because even though I love my laptop, it’s nice to know that I can take this screen protector with me when I switch laptops the next time.

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