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6 min readMay 5, 2020

Convenient two-in-one Magnetic charger and Car Vent Mount from moshi

If you have not read my moshi Overture review, I would encourage you to check that out. The device provided a slim style case for my iPhone 11 Pro Max and a convenient additional wallet shell. The case had embedded magnetic/metal connections, which paired perfectly with other moshi SnapTo devices, such as the car mount. If you have a SnapTo style case, I would encourage you to read more about the moshi SnapTo Car Mount

The moshi SnapTo Car Mount with wireless Charging kit arrived in a 4 4/16 inches wide by 6 7/8 inches tall by 2 3/4 inches thick hanging retail package. Similar to the moshi overture iPhone 11 Pro Max case, the cover was divided into an upper eggshell section and a lower clean-white section. Along the top right of the cover, the company added a small copper “Only compatible with Moshi SnapTo cases.” The main focal point of the cover was the 3 3/4 inches tall by 3 1/2 inches wide image of the car mount and SnapTo case integration. Beneath this, you will find three icons detailing the “easy, one-handed mounting,” “360-degree adjustable angle,” and “Qi certified 100% safe” features of the case. Within the lower white section, you will find an eggshell square with the silver-leave moshi logo adjacent to the “SnapTo car mount with Wireless Charging” name. While reviewing the panel, my eye was drawn back to the main image. I loved the use of blue action lines to represent magnetic attraction, and the use of the SnapTo plates. Additionally, I was excited to gain both magnetic mounting and Qi Wireless charging. I do believe that the image provided more insight into the product than the remainder of the panel. The left panel provided a trilingual description of the product specifications (Input 5V/2A/9V/2A, Max Output 10W), and Materials (ABS/silicone/Stainless Steel SUS301 Ball bearing, Stainless Steel SUS301 HV vent clip, 3M VHB Y4608 adhesive).

The right panel provided an ink outline drawing of the magnetic car mount with vent/dashboard adaptor. It detailed the dual magnetic zones, the wireless charging zone, and the location of the multi-position stainless steel ball. The back panel proved to be a little busy by listing five tenets of the setup in three languages (Effortless one-handed car mount with built-in wireless charger, Fast wireless charging up to 10W, Easy to mount anywhere using car vent clip or dashboard adapter, USB-C to USB-A cable included (4ft/1.2m), Super strong magnets rated to hold 2.2 lb (~4 iPhones). Along the bottom of the panel, moshi included some information about the warranty and the ability to extend this to three years form the date of purchase. Lastly, the top panel had a clear plastic hanging tab, while the lower panel was left unadorned. Many of the product manufacturing labels were placed onto the left side panel and along the lower right corner of the top panel. The overall packaging design was well presented and quite educational. I felt that I understood the mount, the features, and the intended utility. If I had the option to change a single feature, I would add another image to the back panel to break up the text heavy surface.

I opened the bottom panel and removed the thin clear plastic blister case and the multi-lingual instruction manual (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, Russian). The first page of the instruction manual listed the package contents (SnapTo Car Mount, USB-C to USB-A cable, Two SnapTo Tabs, Quick Start Guide), and detailed the SnapTab and Vent mount installation process. If you have a SnapTo moshi case, you can remove the included plastic arcuate tabs, remove the adhesive liner from the metallic tab and then press the tab into place. To install the SnapTo Car Mount, remove the 51 inches long USB-A to USB-C cable from the plastic blister pack, then the 3.45 ounce vent mount. Insert the USB-C cable into the bottom of the mount and then the USB-A end into a standard USB car output port. The vent mount had a four-pronged, rubberized, vent adaptor, which was attached to a steel ball. I liked the design of the vent mount, as it meshed perfectly with all of the vents in my Nissan NV, Dodge Caravan, and Nissan Leaf. Similar to other vent mounts, the moshi device did not have a lower vent arm. When combined with the weight of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the overall weight caused my vents to sag. The 360-degree steel ball pivot allowed for proper positioning despite the vent sag. Despite the ability to enjoy a mount/charging option, you may lose out on optimal vent positioning for aeration. Additionally, the instruction manual recommended to turn off all airflow to the vent to protect the charger and your phone.

The 2 1/2 inches wide by 3 3/8 inches tall charger should fully accommodate all modern smartphones. When combined with the moshi SnapTo case, the magnet/metallic plates provide a firm attachment point, and the ball bearing allowed me to improve the viewing angle. While attached to the Qi charger, I was pleased to find that my phone increased by ~1% per minute. This was on par with most other 7.5W wireless charging options. A vent option may not be ideal for some users. Luckily, the moshi kit included a dashboard installation option. Following page two of the instruction manual, select a location on your dash, cleanse the surface of dust/debris, remove the adhesive backing, and then press the adaptor to the surface for thirty seconds. The angled base needs 24-hours to setup. You will notice that the internal adaptor port resembles the inner surface of an air vent. The adhesive provided a very sturdy option for mounting. When combined with a moshi SnapTo case, you gain a large degree of functionality from the wireless charging kit.

To summarize, I loved the rubberized charging surface, the design of the vent clip, the USB-A to USB-C cable, the included dash adaptor, and the included SnapTo clips. I did not like the lack of a lower vent arm, and the need to shut off one of my vents. Additionally, the $59.99 price, the need to only use moshi cases, and the need to add your own car adaptor may limit interest in the product. If you have a moshi SnapTo style case already, the moshi car mount kit is an essential upgrade for your phone. If not, look to other options to mount/charge your phone.

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