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Moshi IonGlass Privacy Screen Protector


Provides protection and privacy.

I’m not usually the type of iPhone user that weighs their device down with a lot of accessories. I am actually one of ‘those’ iPhone users that believes that the iPhone was designed to be used free of cases and screen protectors. Apple designers used premium materials to ensure the devices were built to last and with that in mind, I typically don’t carry my phone inside a case or cover it with a screen protector. Those accessories have to serve multiple purposes if they are going ‘wow’ me. Moshi created a screen protector that really caught my eye — the IonGlass Privacy Screen Protector.


The IonGlass Privacy Screen Protector is a screen protector that provides a privacy screen against prying eyes. The screen protector provides edge-to-edge coverage for the iPhone screen. It has a 50-degree viewing angle that prevents ‘side-snoopers’ from seeing what’s on your screen. The IonGlass is stronger than tempered glass. Tempered Glass only hardens the surface, but the IonGlass is chemically-reinforced through to the molecular level. Moshi claims that it’s impossible to scratch — even with a knife.

The IonGlass Privacy Screen Protector is covered by Moshi’s Global Warranty. It has an oleophobic surface that repels natural oils on fingertips, which helps to reduce fingerprints and smudges on the screen of your iPhone. Finally, the IonGlass Privacy has a blue-light filter that helps you to sleep better and reduces eye strain.

The IonGlass Privacy Screen Protector available for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, and the iPhone XS Max.


The screen protector comes in a Moshi-branded box. There is an image of the product on the front of the box and some of the main features are highlighted there. The inside of the box illustrates how to install the screen protector. The screen protector comes with a small microfiber cleaning cloth and a dust remover. I was surprised that there were no installation trays or guides included in the kit because I’ve seen them quite frequently with other screen protectors.

The installation process is pretty self-explanatory. You clean the screen of your phone using the provided materials and then you apply the screen protector to the phone. It really would have been nice if some sort of installation tray was included so that there was no guessing when it comes to lining up the screen protector with the screen of the phone.

Once the screen protector was installed I took a very close look at how well it adhered to the surface of the phone. This is the type of screen protector that will simply stick to the phone’s screen with a simple press in the center of the screen. I like this type of screen protector except that there is usually some sort of air bubbles that occur. On my phone, I noticed some minuscule air pockets. They were enough to bother me, but they weren’t so bad that I couldn’t press them out.

As far as the privacy part of the screen protector goes, I have noticed that it works very well. My fiance has noticed that she can only see what looks like a film negative on my screen when she glances at it from an angle. I love having both the protection of the screen protector and also the privacy shield against passersby.


Overall, I think the Moshi IonGlass Privacy Screen Protector is a worthwhile investment. It’s a capable screen protector, but I really admire it for its privacy shield. I can recommend it to all types of users.

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Originally published at on November 27, 2019.



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