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Moshi IonBank 3k Portable Battery REVIEW A must have charger

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My favorite types of portable batteries have the cable built into it. It makes my iPhone 7 Plus charge on-the-go needs be met in a more convenient way. Moshi released a small, sleek, and fashionable built-in lightning cable portable battery case that has the same look and feel as their Overture case. Not only the fact that it matches the Overture make this a must have charger but the size and function as well.

The packaging is the same as most Moshi products and comes with a product registration. Moshi does offer an up to two-year warranty for batteries, so if you do purchase make sure you get your product registered. My first impression was that it looked like a miniature version of my phone because I use the Overture case. The IonBank 3k is made out of vegan leather and has a nice soft texture. The size is opened enough to reveal the aluminum plate that has the power button on it. When opening the case it reveals the battery itself, USB cable, and lightning cable.

The battery itself is 3,200 mAH and can give my phone a full charge and I was about to get a little more out of it after. So to keep it charged up I like to plug my phone into it and then connect the battery to my USB wall charger. It is able to provide charge to both the battery and the iPhone at the same time. I don’t notice any decrease in the 2.1 amp speed of the charge either while charging both devices. It’s extremely convenient to always have the lightning cable attached. I don’t find myself worried that missing what I need to charge my phone because it’s all together in the stylish mini wallet form.

Even though I’m currently using the Moshi Overture case I know that this lighting port is built slim enough that no matter what case it is, it will still be able to be connected. A lot of chargers can be bulky and prevent from being able to connect to my iPhone 7 Plus with certain cases. The side aluminum plate is stylish and provides indicates when it is charged and when it is empty. After hitting the button it will charge the phone but does not stay lit. When you remove it from your phone you don’t have to hit the button again because it will shut itself off.

Overall, the Moshi IonBank 3k doesn’t give me one reason to not love it. It’s a very minimal product that does what it’s supposed to but it does have the small size style edge. I think anyone looking for a build in lightning cable portable battery charger would be pleased with it.

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