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4 min readNov 13, 2019

Digita Touchscreen Gloves


Wonderfully warm, functional gloves

There’s nothing like a cold snap to remind you that you need to cover your fingers in a touchscreen-driven world. I live in the midwest (Southwestern Indiana to be exact) and this week, there was a cold snap that passed through our part of the United States creating frigid conditions outside along with an icy blanket of snow on the ground. Within about 12 hours, the temperature dropped 40 degrees and we were suddenly faced with debilitating freezing air temperatures. In a world where I live by my phone, I couldn’t survive without a way to operate my touch-sensitive device. That’s why I’m glad that Moshi now has a pair of stylish touchscreen gloves that actually keep your hands warm — Digits.


Digits are designed to provide warmth and functionality to its users. They are dual-layered touch screen gloves that are made with a special conductive fiber. This enables the wearer to have responsive and accurate gesturing on smartphones and tablets. Product designer, Moshi, has also included a unique GripTrak pattern on the inside of each glove for a slip-free grip. The inside of the gloves are lined with microfleece for comfort and warmth. Digits are 100% hand-washable. The gloves are available in small and medium sizes (light gray) and large (dark gray).


As I mentioned, I had a unique option to really give the Digits a test run with the below-freezing temperatures in our area this week. What I didn’t mention is that I have a 9-month old puppy who pulls me outside every couple of hours. This means that every couple of hours, I’m fighting frostbite on my hands when I walk him. Thankfully, these gloves are thick enough to combat the bitter cold.

So, how sensitive are they when it comes to using them with my iPhone? I found them to be quite functional. I did notice that it was easier to make a connection with the surface of my iPhone when the flat part of my finger was used instead of the tip. I also found that I had to press down just a bit to make a connection. Aside from that, gloves worked perfectly. I really love the GripTrak pattern as it really makes a difference when handling my phone.

I really love the feel of these gloves. They are comfortable and they keep my hands really warm. I can’t tell you how many touchscreen gloves I’ve had that don’t work “as advertised.” I’ve had gloves that are flexible and very touch-sensitive, but they end up being so thin that air slips right through and still end up with frozen fingers. I’ve also had thicker gloves that keep my hands warm, but they aren’t flexible enough for my hands to move around easily. The Moshi Digits gloves are kind of the perfect combination of functionality, comfort, and insulation for my hands.


Digits from Moshi fill a void in the glove market for the digital generations that are glued to their touchscreen surfaces. I would love to see Moshi offer them in different color options, but other than that, I don’t have any complaints. Their price-point is right on target with other high-quality gloves and the build quality of the gloves is incredible. I can recommend these for any type of user.

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