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Mophie Wireless Charging Stand


An adjustable, universal wireless stand for iPhone and AirPods.

It’s been hard for me to jump on the wireless charging bandwagon. Don’t get me wrong — I love the concept. But for me, the execution of the concept has sort of fell flat. While there are some vertical charging stands available, the majority of the Qi-compatible wireless charging pads lay flat and that just isn’t functional for me. I prefer to have the face of my phone upright so that I can view incoming calls and other notifications. Another conundrum I have is trusting the charging brand. There are so many third party brands out there that are sub-par when it comes to quality that I am leery of using their products to charge my phone. Fortunately, mophie, a company that I’ve known and trusted for many years, has just recently released a Wireless Charging Stand that is multi-functional as both a horizontal charging pad and a vertical charging stand.


The Wireless Charging Stand from mophie is designed to work for charging both your iPhone and AirPods. The stand holds the iPhone at a slight angle that is comfortable for working with. The stand is a ‘universal’ charging stand and delivers the fastest wireless charge a smartphone can handle (charging power up to 5W). The surface of the charging stand has a glass finish that looks sleek in any setting. The stand will charge through lightweight cases up to 3mm thick. Users can maintain full functionality of the phone while it’s charging. The stand comes with a mophie power adapter. Mophie’s Wireless Charging Stand is compatible with any Qi-enabled device, however, it is optimized to work with the iPhone.


So, as I mentioned, I haven’t had the best luck with wireless charging pads and haven’t sought them out as a primary charging method. I do, however, end up plugging my phone in throughout the day to make sure I’m fully charged when I leave my desk. The mophie Wireless Charging Stand is actually the ideal option for me. Not only does it provide me with a vertical charging option for my phone, but it also works with cases. If you’ve ever read any of my case reviews, you will know that I suffered a tragic loss with my original iPhone and have never gone ‘case-naked’ since. That’s another barrier that I face when I’m trying to take advantage of wireless charging — not all chargers support charging through cases. Mophie’s charging stand does.

As much as I like this stand, I do have a critique and it has to do with the specs of it and not the operation. Mophie typically does a really good job of providing specs of its products, but all the product page on their website says is, “optimized for fast charge,” and, “delivers the fastest wireless charge your smartphone can handle.” The power adapter states it provides a 19V/1.3A output charge, which, by using an easy conversion calculator online, translates to approximately 24W. The last I checked, Samsung phones can charge at 10W while the iPhones can only charge at a top speed of 7.5W. I would like to see mophie be more specific about what power is being provided for devices.

As I was testing the charger out, I discovered that it does not heat up. After leaving my phone on the charger for nearly two hours, I pulled it off and felt the back of the phone as well as the surface of the charger. I was thrilled to discover that there was very minimal heat detected. This is a big deal to me because I don’t like the idea that my phone might overheat. I try to protect it as much as possible from undue wear and tear and I consider excessive heat part of that. So, the fact that mophie’s wireless stand does not cause a lot of extra heat is a wonderful thing.

In addition to the basic observations I had with the product, I did also run a speed test for charging the iPhone. I recently upgraded to an iPhone 11 Pro so all of the charge testing was done with it. When I started charging the phone it was at 82% battery. I left the phone on the charger until the battery was fully charged. It charged at a rate of 0.35% per minute. This a little slower than some other wireless chargers that we’ve tested, but still very functional and efficient.


This is a very nice charger and one that works well. I like its simple, sleek design and how well it functions. I was even impressed that I was able to charge my phone since it had a case on it that had metal embedded in it (part of a wallet folio). I love that the charging function works in both portrait and landscape orientations and that the angle of the stand allows for Face ID to work properly. I’m very happy that I finally have a wireless charging stand I can use.

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Originally published at on October 9, 2019.



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