Mophie Powerstation AC Portable Battery REVIEW


The Powerstation AC is an external battery that has powering options for all your portable devices. In addition to a USB-A 2.4A Quick Charge port and a USB-C PD 30W Fast Charge port, the Powerstation AC also provides a 100W AC port so that you always have a way to charge any device. It’s a 22,000 mAh battery that can provide up to 100 hours for smartphones, 21 hours for large tablets, 15 hours for USB-C powered laptops and 8 hours for DSLR cameras. It’s a bit hefty weighing in at 756 grams, but it’s got a slender profile and can easily be carried in a laptop bag. The Powerstation AC uses Mophie’s Digital Power Management system, which includes smart charging circuitry to communicate with every connected device so that it can deliver the most efficient charging option for your device. You have the ability to charge more than one device at a time and the LED power indicator will show you how much battery life the Powerstation AC has left. The battery is wrapped with a durable fabric wrap that has a soft feel to it and adds a nice classy, style to the power bank.

User Experience

Naturally, the first thing I noticed about the Powerstation AC was its box. Mophie’s boxes are quite distinct. They are typically all black with white text and images of the product are embossed on the front and back. There are some basic product details included that describe the device’s main features (in this case it calls out the 100W AC Output, 30W USB-C PD Fast Charge, Additional USB-A port, and Priority Charging). The packaging for the Powerstation AC also calls out typical charging times for common devices like laptops, DSLR cameras, large tablets, and smartphones.


The Powerstation AC from Mophie is a great all-around power bank. It gives you the flexibility to charge multiple devices and the power to recharge even your laptop. It’s a great option for travelers and even though it’s a bit heavy, it’s not oversized so it fits in any laptop bag. I do feel that it’s price is a little high but would still recommend it to anyone who uses mobile devices on the go.




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