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I grew up in a time when TVs had antennas. That was, in fact, the only way to get any TV channels. Back then they were referred to as ‘rabbit ears’ because they stuck out from the top of the television set like a pair of ears. You had to move them around depending on which channel you wanted to see. Only about 10 years ago, when Netflix started to gain popularity, I ‘cut the cable’ and started watching all my programs over the air and supplementing with streaming video programs. Unfortunately, television upgraded its technology and soon my old analog rabbit ears couldn’t keep up with today’s digital demands. Enter Mohu’s Leaf Supreme Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna.


The amplified HDTV antenna has an impressive 65-mile range to pick up over-the-air channels for your television. It has a unique SignaLift technology that brings in UHF and VHF channels as well as HDTV channels. The antenna itself is white on one side and black on the other. It can be painted to blend in with any setting in your home. The Leaf Supreme’s signal is boosted by Jolt with Clean Peak filter technology so that all channels come in clear and crisp. The antenna itself measures 11.44 tall x 21.44 inches wide. It only weighs 0.85 pounds. It’s got fairly simple plug-n-play instructions and can be set up very quickly.


The box of the antenna is green and branded with Mohu materials. There is a decent amount of information about the product on it. In our particular case, the box was somewhat damaged because it was not shipped inside another carton. The shipping label was slapped right on the exterior of the Mohu box and sent to us. The box also has an image of the product on the exterior and it shows the logos of various local networks that can be picked up by the antenna (if they happen to be in range). When you open the box, you will discover a somewhat strong smell of plastic and other elements. The antenna is wrapped around the interior of the box and falls flat when you take it out. In addition to the antenna piece, there is a package that includes the amplifier, 2 x 10ft coaxial cables, USB power adapter, hook and loop tabs, and push pins.

The instructions are also included in this packet of accessories and they are pretty succinct. You attach the antenna to the amplifier and the amplifier to the TV. You could just connect the antenna directly to the TV, but that sort of defeats the purpose of acquiring this particular package. The amplifier must be powered to function — hence why a USB plug is included. You can plug the USB power cable from the amplifier into a USB port on the TV if your TV has one. One thing you have to be sure to do with your TV is to set it to ‘Antenna’ or ‘Air’ for the tuner mode. Your TV will then scan for channels and then display channels within range.


Since I’m a child of ‘bunny ears’ run televisions, the set up of this antenna was really no problem at all. I love that it has an amplifier with it to extend its range. We live in a rather close-knit area so the local networks are all within a 65-mile radius (most are within 10–20 miles). It was a breath of fresh air to see crisp, clear over-the-air reception that HDTV can provide. I had the antenna connected to a smaller HD television. It did have a coaxial input plug as well as a USB port so I could power the amplifier. Scanning for channels only took about 2 minutes and I had more than 15 channels that came in very clear and I believe I was picking up the most over-the-air channels for our area.

The instructions state that you may still have to move the antenna around if reception is ‘sporadic’. I had it mounted on an interior wall of our home and it didn’t seem that the receptions were wavering as I flipped through the stations. I was very pleased with how well the stations came in both with video and audio.


In the past year or so, we have been constantly battling with our cable/satellite provider over a stable bill. They keep tacking on ‘hidden’ fees and charges that we didn’t authorize. This leads us to long, drawn-out conversations with retention reps that results in a lower bill for a certain period of time. This is a tiresome dance and one we don’t want to continue. We have looked into options and while cutting the cable may not be the solution for us at this particular time, it could be in the near future. The Mohu Leaf Supreme Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna is a great option for connecting to local network channels. The reception was clear and there was no delay in connecting. I would rate this 5/5 stars because it’s very easy to use and provides its service as advertised.

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Originally published at on January 27, 2018.