Memo Box Mini REVIEW Smallest Smart Pillbox

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I’m getting older and I hate saying that out loud but it’s a fact. A second fact is now that I’m getting older my doctor has me on medications for cholesterol and thyroid issues along with other meds. Needless to say, I feel like a small pharmacy when I travel. I find myself forgetting to take my daily medication on time. Heck, as I type this very review, I’m 15 minutes past due for my nighttime doses and if I wasn’t using this little device and writing about taking medication on time, I would have without a doubt spaced it and forgotten them completely. Luckily I was granted the opportunity to review the Memo Box early.

Memo Box is a smart pillbox that acts as a personal thinking assistant so that you receive reminders to take your medication. The box paired with the Memo Health App help to ensure that your medication needs are met. The device itself is a tiny box that measures 35mm x 66mm. The box charges via USB (cable provided) and it will work with either iOS or Android devices through a Bluetooth connection.

Memo Box has a couple main functions based off of reminders. First, it will remind you when you’ve missed a dose. This is something that a standalone can’t do for you. Since the Memo Health App works hand-in-hand with the Memo Box, you are reminded on your phone (and/or watch) that you haven’t opened the actual location where your medications are to take them. With a standalone app, you typically have to manually ‘take’ the medicine by telling the app you did it. This can be problematic because it introduces human error. I know that on more than one occasion I’ve hit ‘taken’ on an app when I was on my way to take a medicine and I’ve gotten distracted and missed a dose. This is why I like the Memo Box. In addition to tracking your taken meds, it also helps you to prevent accidental double-dosing. Memo Box will also remind you when you’ve forgotten to take your medicine with you. This is great for people who have scheduled medications throughout the day.

Something as simple as taking medication on time is not what I personally would have thought to be a big problem until I thought back to all the times I messed up and forgot to take it or couldn’t remember if I took my meds that day at all. This is a problem. I’m 38 years old and have these issues that can be extremely dangerous if not treated. And, what if it was my 83-year-old grandmother? Take a look at the infographic to the left from Memo Box Kickstarter page. When visiting the Kickstarter page please take the product seriously. It’s kind of hard to do after watching the horror that is the rap video on how the Memo Box works.

For me, the scary thing is I’m in charge of making sure my grandmother gets her medications on time so I find myself making reminders on my iPhone to keep from screwing up. With the Memo Box, I can have the piece of mind that she will get her meds on time and I’ll know if at some point she has to do it for herself that there is no chance of an accidental second dosage taken.

When I first removed the Memo Box from its package I found that had no charge at all. The device comes with a super short (only about 3 inches long) Micro USB cable that I used to charge it up fully before I used it the first time. The instructions do mention doing this and I also recommend it as some people might just charge it for a little while so they can start using it. The problem with that is if you don’t have a full charge, you might lose power when you need it most. One thing I think could be a problem for elderly folks is using the charging port that is hidden by a flap. It is not quickly noticeable and for someone with bad arthritis, it is not too easy to pop open.

One small suggestion I would have is to make the alarm louder. The box itself does emit a small ‘ping’ noise as an alarm, but for someone who can’t hear that high of a pitch, it’s sort of useless. I was in the same room as my fiance and she said she heard the alarm well, but because I have hearing loss particularly in the higher range, I was unable to hear it. I would imagine some older people might have this issue, too.

After getting past that small hassle of opening the charging port, the Memo Box is roomy enough to fit a few days worth of your medications. I love how lightweight and compact the device is. Tinylogics has 30 days remaining on their Kickstarter at the time of this review.

Normally I don’t personally promote too many Kickstarters unless I truly see a use for the product. Kickstarters can be tricky and people can be incredibly impatient. With any new product that gets funded, you will need to understand that just because you backed it and the product was funded doesn’t mean it’s going to hit the market that same day. I only bring this up because so many times in the past have I heard the same complaints from different people expecting smaller companies to push out a product they backed not understanding that it takes time. Not everyone is as big or has the resources as Apple.

This is a Kickstarter I can gladly get behind. The demo model I was given to test has worked wonderfully and once they get to market I can only see even better things coming from it.

For more information, visit Memo Box On Kickstarter
Find Tinylogics on Facebook and Twitter.

Originally published at on February 7, 2017.



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