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Enjoy some Retro Robot Action Adventure with Megabyte Punch on the Nintendo Switch

We are now five months into the COVID-19 lockdown, my kids have finished their school semester, and we are riddled with cabin fever. Looking for things to do while social distancing has become somewhat of a chore. I am saddened for those struggling to find a Nintendo Switch, with so many stores sold out. For those who have a Switch and for those who may become lucky enough to snag one, I encourage you to navigate to the Nintendo Switch Game Store and download the Megabyte Punch game. Known for a while to steam users, the game is perfect for kids and adults alike. Add a bit of robot fighting, “pumping’ electro soundtrack” action and end the “I’m Bored Locked In” blues.

Megabyte Punch, originally released for the PC, became available on the Nintendo Switch Game Store on 5/8/20. Produced by the Reptile studio team, the mega man-esque “Electro Custom-Character Beat ’em up promises six unique worlds to explore. Having played through the first two worlds and part of the third, I absolutely loved the music, the computer universe backdrop, and the action/controls of the game. As a Megac machine, you must traverse three stages of each of the Computer Universe worlds before fighting the end boss. As you explore the worlds, you will fight minions of the Valk Empire, pick up dropped components and add them to your body. You can collect and add two arms, two legs, a head component, an accessory (wings) component, and a hip component. Each component has the ability to enhance your skills or to add to your damage/defense. You can gain added damage, add a hammer/slash, add a dash ability, add a physical barrier, add to your defense, gain the ability to jump/fly short distances, to shoot projectiles, or to enhance your pelvic thrust.

I have had the pleasure of exploring the first two worlds and beating both of the bosses. After the first boss, you will earn a drill arm, which will allow you to destroy some of the blocks of the world. The drill will add a significant upgrade/attack against other minions and will be used for most of the second mission. Talking with the NPCs will give you a sense of belonging and a sense of mission for the linear game. After you beat the second boss, an NPC named LEON will apologize for the actions of the HB-D2 boss. They will ultimately tell you about the banishment and usher you into world 3. You can return to each of the worlds and bosses by navigating to their respective doors. Once you beat the world and access the boss, two doors will appear, one for the boss and one for the world. Between rounds, navigate to the shop at the top of the town and use your bits to purchase desired upgrades. You can then go to your “home” and download desired parts, choose amongst the discovered color schemes, and you can save/load sets. I found that I initially liked the bomba head to place mines. However, the part seemed to have a glitch that caused the game to repeatedly crash. The R.A.M wing was an absolute must for fast controllable flight, the megafist arm to uppercut bots added a huge advantage and the exoleg helped increase movement speed and jump height. I found that I preferred the upgrades that added activities instead of simply adding to damage or to defense statistics.

I am not currently a fan of my leg/pelvis component but I continue to look for upgrades. The current favorite hip was the mega hip, which dealt a strong horizontal melee with knockback. The shield engine arm served some benefit with the ability to create a 3 block tall column for defense and to get to higher places. Each setup had advantages and disadvantages and the 150 available parts added a degree of replayability. While searching for the color schemes, I would have liked a Zelda-like map to show the explored areas of each world. Unfortunately, I did not find a map to help with exploration. Despite this limitation, I was pleased with the design of the game and I look forward to playing through worlds 3–6. If you get tired of the adventure, you can return to the home screen, select fight, and enter into the tournament. From this mode, you get to enter into a Smash Bros style fight, pitting your skills against another bot. I set up the loadout with the submachine gun arm, drill arm, and Bomba head, in addition to the R.A.M wing, and pressed up to enter into the door. Unfortunately, the same BOMBA helmet issue glitch caused the game to crash several times in this mode as well. Since I was the only one with the game, I was not able to test out the versus mode, which supposedly added even more of a Smash Bros style contest.

The controls proved to be rather well done. The left thumbstick controlled the robot’s spatial movements and controlled the direction of your special attack. The A button attacked up, down, and toward your enemy, while the B button + Direction activated the selected ability. The X button served as the jump button, the right trigger activated your shield and the left trigger activated your pelvic thrust. The Y button activated your loadout screen. From that menu, you can attach one of eight parts in your inventory, you can select desired abilities and place them into up+B, right/left+B, no direction+B, and down+B. You can also select “break into bits” any piece which is already in your collection or a duplicate piece. This will convert that piece into shards, which will then allow you to open up room in your inventory. Lastly, you can select “PARTS” to see the installed components. As noted above, you need to return to your home between missions to adjust your loadout. Move to the blue “PARTS” locker and press up. Similar to “The Voice,” the colored chair will spin around to allow access. Select the desired component, press the A-button and then download the part to your list. Despite about an hour and a half of playtime, the only negative aspect was being tired the next day after staying up so late. I hope that there will be updates to the game. It would benefit from additional levels, and additional arsenal pieces.

Buy the game on the Nintendo Switch Game Store.

To learn more about game developer Team Reptile, visit Or Twitter.

Originally published at on May 11, 2020.



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