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5 min readNov 14, 2023

Take your CODM skills to the next level.

Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM) is a dynamic battleground where wielding a sniper rifle demands not just precision but mastery in movement and adaptability. A sniper’s prowess isn’t limited to landing shots but extends to seamless quick scoping, agile movement, and tactical knife switching — 3 Essential Sniper Skills that must be mastered in order to become an elite player in CODM.

It has taken me many hours of gameplay to learn these techniques and finesse load outs so that I can dominate battlefields in CODM. Let me give you a rundown of what each of these skills are and the best ways to get started honing your techniques.

What is Quick Scoping?

The art of quick scoping stands as a testament to precision and skill. This technique, revered by many and mastered by few, is a captivating blend of speed, accuracy, and strategy. Aspiring marksmen and seasoned veterans alike seek to wield this skill, transforming ordinary gameplay into a breathtaking display of prowess.

Quick scoping is a gameplay tactic primarily utilized by sniper enthusiasts. It involves swiftly aiming down the scope, firing, and swiftly returning to a non-scoped position in rapid succession. Unlike traditional sniping, which involves careful, deliberate aiming, quick scoping demands split-second decision-making and remarkable reflexes.

The Technique Unveiled

Mastering quick scoping in CODM necessitates a fusion of various elements:

  1. Precision Aim: Achieving pinpoint accuracy amid swift movements is the cornerstone of quick scoping. Understanding the weapon’s scope and practicing consistent aim is paramount.
  2. Timing and Speed: Quick scoping is an art of milliseconds. Timing the scope-in and scope-out actions swiftly while aligning the crosshairs demands finesse and practice. Master the timing required to fire at the right moment during the scope animation without…




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