Marshall UXBRIDGE Voice with Amazon Alexa REVIEW | MacSources

6 min readNov 30, 2020

A small package with a loud, bright sound and connection to a smart assistant.

Many years ago — another lifetime it seems — I played guitar. There was a certain freedom that came with creating music and enjoying the power behind that sound. Even then, I knew that better equipment meant a better product. I invested in quality instruments and their accessories. And, to me, the premium sound meant Marshall amplifiers. I’ve trusted Marshall for my sound needs for a very long time. And, as luck would have it, I now get to experience Marshall products through their Bluetooth speakers. I’ve been fortunate enough to try their smallest speaker — the Emberton — and one of their largest — the Woburn II. No matter the size, Marshall knows how to bring together the right components in order to compose the perfect listening companion.

I recently remodeled my office and had a Marshall speaker — the Acton — in a prominent position on my featured wall shelf. I wanted to do that for two reasons. First, Marshall sound is a big part of my past and my future. Everything on the featured wall shelf is like a piece of my personality. So, the Marshall speaker seemed to just fit naturally. Second, I really wanted a connected speaker as a central part of my office. Unfortunately, the Acton speaker is not a ‘connected’ speaker. It does, however, have an auxiliary port included as part of its ecosystem. That meant that I could connect an Amazon Echo to the speaker and voila! I was able to turn a standard Bluetooth speaker into a connected speaker with a simple cable.

Even though this work-around worked, it created a little clutter on my beloved shelf and so, I wanted something simpler. Fortunately, around this same time, I acquired the Uxbridge Voice with Amazon Alexa built-in. This connected speaker is smaller and still contains that same Marshall premium power and sound as its larger siblings. Billed as a “compact sonic powerhouse,” the Uxbridge Voice delivers a clean, precise audio experience. The speaker is engineered to create ‘big’ sound from its compact frame. In addition to being connected through Amazon Alexa, the speaker is also WiFi certified, works with Apple AirPlay, and Spotify.


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