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9 min readJan 27, 2022

Overhaul Apple Mail with Mailbutler — the only way to use mail correctly

I really enjoy the Apple ecosystem and have been an Apple Mail user for years. I like how all of Apple’s native apps work together but as much as I enjoy using Mail, I have felt like it was lacking some advanced features like follow-up reminders and email scheduling. These are features that are native to some email clients, such as Outlook but are blissfully missing from Apple Mail. Since I am an Apple purist at heart, I prefer to stick with the Apple email client rather than swap to a secondary one. This is where Mailbutler comes into play. It’s a powerful add-on utility that gives Apple Mail the extra advanced features the email client needs to be absolutely wonderful.


Mailbutler is a powerful email extension that integrates directly into an email client. It’s designed to help users become more productive without having to learn an entirely new piece of software. It offers a dozen main features for your email client that end up making it a powerful productivity tool and saves users from needing two or three different applications to get the same type of work done.

The features within Mailbutler include:

  • Email Tracking: Mailbutler lets you know when and how often your emails are opened and where the recipient was when they opened it. This feature also shows you what type of device your email was opened on.
  • Send Later: Users have the option of delaying their emails to send at a later time with this scheduling feature. Mailbutler can even optimize the best time for you to send it.
  • Signatures: Mailbutler has premade email signature templates available to use where you simply enter your details and start using it immediately.
  • Undo Send: This feature gives you the option to recall a sent email so that you can correct any errors you made or to change your message completely.
  • Notes and Tasks: Adding notes or setting a task on an email really helps to ensure that you never forget to complete an action item.
  • Email Templates




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