Logitech G703 Wireless Gaming Mouse REVIEW

4 min readAug 8, 2017

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I became enamored with different mice ever since I upgraded my laptop to the 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. For years, I’ve had a small Microsoft wireless mouse that I like to take with me when I work remotely. The only issue with it is that it’s so small it causes some hand cramping when you use it for a very long time. So, I decided to research other wireless mice options since that one was too small for my needs. My search led me to this very stylish mouse — the Logitech G703 Wireless Gaming Mouse.

The Logitech G703 is an evolution in computer gaming. It features ultra-fast, reliable wireless technology and is tailored specifically for gamers. Some of the main features include:

  • Integrated LIGHTSPEED Wireless Technology — Designed to deliver 1-millisecond report rate for competition-level twitch targeting. I had some issues with the wireless connection and speed. See the CONNECTIVITY section of my review for more information.
  • Advanced button tensioning — The left and right buttons are engineered with metal springs to enhance the click feel and allow users to have better response with less force.
  • Pro-grade PMW3366 sensor — Delivers zero smoothing, filtering, or accretion across the entire 200–12,000 DPI range.
  • Customizable lighting and buttons — With the aid of Logitech Gaming Software, users can customize the RGB lights and configure the 6-button mouse.
  • Works with Logitech G POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System (sold separately)

The G703 comes packaged with a data/charging cable, a wireless receiver, and a 10-gram weight. The mouse is built to be very lightweight. I prefer that feel, but some gamers might like something a bit heftier. So Logitech included a weight that can be slipped into the base of the mouse. The charging cable doubles as a data transfer cable so that you can charge the mouse and continue using it at the same time. First impressions of the G703 were very good. I really like the design of it and liked that it was a full-size mouse instead of a miniature one.

The first feature I was looking for in a mouse was wireless connectivity. Since I have the newest MacBook Pro, the only ports on it are USB-C and I was really looking for Bluetooth as an option. Unfortunately, the G703 does not offer Bluetooth connectivity as a feature. The mouse is “wireless” through a USB receiver that you plug into your computer. I don’t currently have a USB-A to USB-C adapter, but I do have a Thunderbolt 3 dock, which allows me to connect to various devices including USB devices. So, I plugged the extension cable into the USB port on the front of the dock and then plugged the receiver into the cable. This was suggested by the videos on the Logitech website. This connection did work alright but I experienced quite a bit of lag. I had to turn my mouse tracking speed up to 100% within my system settings in order to get the responsiveness I was hoping for. I also tried plugging the mouse into the dock directly using the provided charging cable. I got a little better response this way, but it still wasn’t what I would consider a ‘good’ connection. In this respect, the G703 was a disappointment. Now, users who have a standard USB connection may not have this same issue. It is something to note for USB-C connections though since many computers are turning to it for connectivity.

Since I had some lag issues, I can’t comment a lot on the performance. I did find the mouse easy to use and very comfortable. The shape of the device fits the hand very well and it looks great. When the mouse is powered on, the “G” on the mouse and the scroll wheel light up and cycle through many vibrant colors. Because the mouse is white (there is also a black version), the colors are that much brighter. I really like that it has a standard 6-button design and that it’s completely programmable for gamers. For my uses, I was really just doing basic tasks and only used the left and right buttons and the scroll wheel. The scroll wheel seemed to be overly sensitive, but that could be because I had the tracking speed turned up so high.

I was actually pretty disappointed with the G703, but I believe some of my issues may have been because of my connectivity roadblocks. I think that with the right set-up, the G703 may be a really nice mouse. It just doesn’t work for my purposes since it’s not a true wireless mouse.

For more information, visit gaming.logitech.com.
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Originally published at macsources.com on August 8, 2017.




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