Logitech Circle View Doorbell 2022 REVIEW Great Idea With Failed Delivery — MacSources

9 min readJun 8, 2022

This Logitech doorbell is one of the worst HomeKit experiences I’ve ever had.

I have been dialing in my home to be “smart” before Smart Homes were cool. Because of that, I have experience with pretty much every type of smart home gadget you can think of. One of the first smart products we reviewed on Mac Sources was a video doorbell.

My most recent video doorbell was the Arlo Video Doorbell. I have been using Arlo Wireless Cameras for quite some time, and because Arlo’s Smart Hub is HomeKit compatible, I thought the Arlo Video Doorbell would be a good move. Even though Arlo’s system works with HomeKit, it is not 100% compatible with all the features. One of those features — HomeKit Secure Video — was something I desparately wanted to take advantage of. That is not available with Arlo’s system.

So, you can imagine my excitement when Logitech announced their Circle View Doorbell was not only HomeKit-enabled (and exclusive to HomeKit), but would also work with the HomeKit Secure Video option. Logitech makes some absolutely wonderful products and have been a reliable company to trust in.

When the Circle View Doorbell was launched (December 2020), I kept a close eye on it to see if I should switch from my Arlo. I finally made the jump to the Logitech doorbell in March this year. As you will read about in the User Expereince section, the changeover did not got as well as I hoped and the last three months have been a nightmare.


The Circle View Doorbell is an Apple HomeKit-enabled video doorbell with face recognition. The device features Logitech TrueView and is designed to provide crisp head-to-toe portrait video from short distances. The doorbell can handle high-constrast scenes and color night vision up to six feet away. It’s compatible with most wired doorbell systems and its sleek design complements nearly every type of home decor.




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