Lockly 7S Smart Deadbolt 2022 REVIEW — MacSources

7 min readMay 25, 2022

Lockly 7S Smart Deadbolt keeps your home safe with a beautiful device at a reasonable price.

Our family enjoys using smart devices since it makes our lives easier. For a while, we’ve had a smart lock on our door. It wasn’t app-controlled, but it was a tactile keypad and we each had our own codes to unlock it. Since we’ve had this for a while we thought that maybe we could take the next step up and install a complete smart deadbolt that features a touch-sensitive display as well as a connection to our smartphones and virtual assistants, like Amazon Alexa. The Lockly Model 7S is the lock we settled on and while we had a few bumps in the road as we installed it, it’s been a good choice for our family.


Lockly is a company that focuses on “…ensuring homeowners, rentals and businesses protect their property and personal items with security and convenience.” Their product line includes award-winning locks that feature advanced technologies such as fingerprint readers, cameras, and app integrations.

The Lockly Model 7S Single-Cylinder Smart Deadbolt Lock is a beautifully designed, sleek deadbolt setup that brings together value and intelligent control for its users. This single-cylinder smart deadbolt includes a touch screen keypad with discrete PIN code input and Bluetooth connectivity.


Multiple ways to access: Access home, office, or rental property using PIN Genie digital touchscreen, smartphone, eKeys, Offline Access Codes, or physical key.

Hack-proof digital keypad: Patented PIN Genie touchscreen prevents codes from being guessed by randomly shuffling PIN number locations after each use.

Mobile app control: Unlock, lock, or check door status through Lockly’s smartphone app.

Offline Access Codes: Issue Offline Access Codes™ that do not require users to download an app or have Wi-Fi or internet connection to use.




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