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7 min readSep 18

Upgrade your daily commute with Levy Plus Scooter — the perfect blend of style, speed, and sustainability.

Have you ever been walking around downtown and just really dislike that sore feeling your feet get after being on them for hours on end? Or how about enjoying a-little nature but don’t really enjoy walking or running? Or better yet and in my personal experience, do you have younger kids who have go carts and power wheels that you just don’t have the energy to chase and keep up with anymore? Well I certainly needed something to enjoy playtime with the kids a tad bit more and this Levy electric scooter has certainly elevated that for us. From the light weight design and sleek look it fits the versatility of a on or mildly off road scooter.

When first unboxing this scooter it may look like it requires a lot of work but the second you peel away the protective story foam and cardboard and get the scooter out you see that it’s essentially all together. With the exception of having to put the brake lever on with the provided Allen key and then screw the handles on which are labeled left and right you’re good to go. I would advise to air up the tires to the recommended tire pressure to ensure the safest and more comfortable ride possible(included is a valve extender to better reach the valve stems on your tires). Between the very nice disk rear brake and the very stylish accent colors the scooter is ready to roll out of the box in under 10 minutes.

Product information

This Levy plus scooter does have a the option of two larger batteries coming in at 10 ah battery allowing up to 16 miles per charge on eco and and even bigger 12.8 ah batter allowing up to 20miles per charge on eco where the original Levy scooter has a 6.4 ah battery with a maximum of 10 miles per charge on eco and with both options they have a removable battery that snaps in and out with ease. Also…


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