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It has truly been a long time since I considered myself a “newb” about anything. However, I recently dove into the world of Photography and was amazed at all of the options available. For the past few months, I have researched Canon DSLR cameras and accessories. I asked the opinions of multiple friends, read innumerable reviews and ultimately selected a Canon EOS 80D bundle from Amazon. I landed on that particular choice because the camera body and lenses, plus extra goodies, were about the same price to cheaper than buying the body and lenses separately. The kit was somewhat overwhelming, as there were so many pieces to include memory cards/readers, cleaners, filters, screen protectors, an extra battery pack, T mount adaptor, two camera bags and two tripods. The Canon bundle came with two pinch style lens caps, one with each of the included lenses. Unfortunately, there was only a single lens cap holder included with this kit. I immediately noted that I wanted to look for something that could serve as a lens cover for all of my lenses and could potentially protect the plastic/casing of my lens as well. I was curious if the KUVRD Camera Universal Lens Cap could fulfill this need.

The Universal Lens Cap arrived in a clear plastic cylinder with a black screw on lid. The lid affixed tightly to the clear cylinder and professionally displayed a KUVRDCAMERA.COM sticker across the top. When you unscrew the lid, you will find the KUVRD universal lens cover and 4 small product labeling discs. The first and second discs served as appreciation panels/product review panels, requesting honest feedback about the device and how to leave reviews on Amazon/Facebook. The third disc was the most beneficial and detailed the utility of the device and how to access additional information/questions about the product. The writing on disc five made me chuckle a little, as the single step process was broken down into three easy to follow steps. Step 1 of the manual proved to be my favorite, requesting that I admire the device for 5+ seconds and then to quietly announce “you’re awesome.” Step two recommended to slowly and evenly stretch the lens cover over your camera. If you have questions, you can navigate to panel 6 and send an email to KUVRDC. Panel 7 and 8 provided information about the KUVRD family and how to follow them on Instagram. The packaging was unique and engaging and the product seemed to be well designed.

I initially thought that I was going to use this as a replacement for the Canon Pinch caps but quickly realized that the KUVRD device worked better in conjunction with the Canon Lens Cap, further enhancing the protection. If you put this device into your pocket or into a backpack, it will grab onto all of the little lurking lint balls. Instead of putting this material onto my lens, I opted to keep the pinch cap in place. Additionally, I found that the universal lens cap was better suited for travel protection than for quick on/off utility. The pinch cap was designed for easy on/easy off lens access and the universal lens cap was like trying to put on or take off wet jeans (it will happen eventually). While traveling, we do not need to quickly remove the lens cap. Instead, I care more about protecting my device than convenience. When our cameras are placed into camera bags, there may be times that the devices experience jostling or perhaps an unexpected drop/jolt. The basic lens cap does not provide any protection beyond reducing scratches to the glass. It does not decrease scratches/dings to the body, nor provide any shock absorption.

Prior to testing the device, I read all 168 Amazon reviews. Many people talked about how easy the lens cap tore, and about the $25 price tag for a single thin piece of silicone. I stretched the lens cap before putting it onto my Canon EF-S 18–55 f/3.5–5.6 IS STM, Canon EF-S 55–250 F4–5.6 IS STM and my Telephoto 500mm f/8.0 (Long) Lens. With the pinch lens protector in place, I added and removed the KUVRDC lens cap, about 25 times, without experiencing any issues. I cannot attest to the universal fit, but I had no problem using the lens cap on my Canon and Vivitar lenses. The universal lens cap fits on either end of the canon lenses and tightly wrap around them. Currently, my Canon EOS 80D has the 18–55 f/3.5–5.6 lens in place, resting inside of my camera backpack. I have used two of the KUVRDC covers on my lens, to add extra protection. When not used on that lens, I wrapped one around each end of the Canon EF-S 55–250 F4–5.6 IS STM lens, to provide additional shock protection and to cover against dust, sand, and water. I liked that the device provided an extra layer of shock reduction and added grip. The caps provided protection even beyond that afforded by my carry bag. I did find that the caps required two hands to install. Removal of the cover was markedly easier than the installation. Simply grab an edge and pull away from the camera. I did find that this removed my pinch lens cap about 1:10 times. Once the cover was on, I was pleased to find that it did not fall off. I did not experience the flaws mentioned in the critical reviews and enjoyed the benefits mentioned in the positive reviews.

Personally, I enjoyed this lens protector more for the added security than for a simple glass cover. The device is thin and lightweight and can be shoved into a pocket of a bag without a second thought. It is washable and reusable. The single item price of $25 dollars seems a little high for the thickness of the silicone but when I considered the price of the lenses, the cost of the universal lens covers seemed minuscule. The biggest complaint people had was that the device was not universal, specifically for larger lenses. As noted, the lens caps worked great for my needs and I would actually love a few more of them. I do not know how the caps tore in other reviews, but I would definitely reach out to the team and see if they would send you another one. I found it odd that so many of the reviews of the device were very love-hate polarized and very few were in the middle. As for me and my Canon Lenses, we are pro KUVRD.

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