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7 min readApr 12, 2022

Kombinera allows users to combine colored orbs to complete the amazing 300 level Puzzle-Platformer

Like other Xennials, a micro-generation term coined by Sarah Stankorb in Good Magazine in 2014, I was born into a childhood reminiscent of my parents but quickly joined the tech-centric stampede. I knew an age before computers, the internet, and cell phones were ubiquitous but grew up alongside the generations of video game consoles.

In fact, it is rather surreal to think that the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was released 39 years ago this July. From the NES to the Super NES, N64, GameCube, Wii, Wii-U, several versions of GameBoy systems, Xbox, PlayStation, and the Nintendo Switch, gaming has been an integral part of my life. Now, with kids of my own, one of my guilty pleasures after a long day’s work is to unwind with some time with my Nintendo Switch.

I often pick between Action/RPG-style games or Puzzlers when it comes to game genre. So when I heard about the release of Kombinera on the Nintendo Switch E-Shop on 4/7/22, I was excited about the 300-level design, the promise of old-school visuals with a new school techno beat. The game was published by Atari and crafted by Graphite Lab In St. Louis.

Jacob Lear and Phil Snowbarger were the lead designers for Kombinera, while Brendan Chapman was the lead programmer. The Nintendo Switch version of Kombinera (also on iOS/PC/Android/Atari VCS/Xbox One and S/X/Playstation 4/5) will cost $14.99 and require 228 MB of space. The Game Thumbnail showed a star/space background with a lower left blue ball, upper right pink ball, upper left green ball, and lower right yellow ball. Each of the balls resembled a Training Droid from Star Wars.

Before progressing into Kombinera, you must “PRESS ANY BUTTON TO CONTINUE” to advance beyond a vivid Epilepsy Warning in bold red/white font. The subsequent screens provided an Atari Logo, Graphite Lab logo, and Joystick logo, followed by a loading screen with a red, green, yellow, and white star. The main panel…


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