Keyport Pivot Modular Key Holder and Multi-Tool REVIEW

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A couple of years ago, I started seeing a new product emerge onto the market — key organizers. This new trend was helping people to organize all their unruly keys into one succinct device. One of my favorites was the Keyport Slide. It was elegant and simple to use. It gave you the option to incorporate all types of keys even those that were microchipped. That versatility was something that was hard to find. I’ve loved using my Keyport Slide, but I am a realist and know that for some, having a bit more flexibility in their key organizer is…well, key. That’s why I’m so glad that Keyport released the Pivot, a wonderful key holder, and multi-tool that can work for all walks of life.

The Pivot is an amazing multi-tool that has the ability to really transform your daily life and activities. It’s made entirely out of metal — anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and hardened spring steel — and will hold your keys, tool inserts, and smart tech modules like a BLE Locater, pocket knife, and mini-flashlight. The device features a unique locking mechanism — Pivot Locking Mechanism — that is fully adjustable to provide you with the right amount of tension for your personal taste and it will not loosen over time. The Pivot also has a D-Ring for loose items. In addition to a superior design over other types of key organizers, the Pivot also features Keyport’s lost & found system, KeyportID, which helps you find your Pivot should it become lost. The purchase of the Pivot includes a free 2-year subscription to the service.

I really like this simpler take on a key organizer. There are some other products out there that are similar to the Pivot, but none that I’ve seen are made out of metal or designed to be a multi-tool as well as an organizer. So, I found this to be a wonderful addition to the Keyport product line.

My fiancé just recently started a new job and she just happened to be a wonderful case study for the Pivot. At her workplace, there are multiple offices being used by different organizations. So there are a lot of locks and doors to walk through. She holds a director-level position within the organization she works for so she has access to most areas of the building. As a result, she ended up with a lot of keys. On any given day, she has five keys in tow just to be able to do her job completely. They issued her a lovely cloth lanyard for her keys and she was really looking for something a little more tasteful and trustworthy — like the Keyport Pivot.

Installation of the keys was simple. First, you open up the Pivot by unscrewing the male pin from the female pin. You can do this using a coin or even one of the spacers that are included with the installation kit. Once you have that unscrewed, you can open the chassis so that it lays flat on your desk. Once you’ve organized your keys in the order you want them, you simply lay them onto the female pin one by one.

You want to make sure that once you are done stacking that there is a minimum of one key or spacer height above the pin. This will seem a bit odd as your keys will easily slip off of the pin, but once you start to tighten the male pin down, it will work out perfectly. If you don’t have enough keys, you can start using the provided spacers and if you have too many keys, Keyport included an optional extension pin hand for that purpose. Auto keys and plastic headed keys are not recommended for use with the Pivot.

After you have everything lined up and place properly, you are ready to tighten down the chassis with the male pin. Once the screw is tightened you will be able to adjust the tension on the Pivot Locking Mechanism. You will feel a click every 90-degrees. I actually overtightened the keys when I was first going through the installation process. You can always loosen the tension click by click. This was a great feature to include because some key organizers like this don’t offer any ‘adjustment’. It’s either tight or loose. Keyport made sure that you could make this one just right.

I mentioned above how you can add modules onto your Pivot. Well, Keyport has actually made this an incredibly slick design. The outside of the chassis has three small squares which are actually a slot to lock the modules into place. I chose to include the pocket knife module on this Pivot because it seemed like a good addition as a multi-tool for my fiancé. The module locks into place securely and can easily be removed by clicking a release button. I really think this is an ingenious design and love that it’s interchangeable with other modules.

The Keyport Pivot is a great option for people who have a lot of keys they want to organize quickly and easily. It’s secure, tough, and has a great style to it. I hope you will find this as useful as me and my fiancé has. She really loves the change from the fabric lanyard to this sleek key organizer/multi-tool.

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Originally published at on May 22, 2017.

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