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8 min readJul 18, 2022

A great system for video conferencing — from any location.

Working from home has its ups and downs. I’ve been working exclusively from home now for nearly two years and while my team has very few problems connecting, there are others that struggle with having the right equipment for the job. One of my favorite technology companies — Kensington — just came out with a complete kit for video conferencing that makes it super easy to make sure you are seen and heard around the world.

About Kensington’s Video Conferencing Solution

This past week, Kensington announced the release of their Professional Video Conferencing Solution. It’s a unified, plug-and-play video conferencing experience that helps users customize and optimize their video presence when they are connecting with their teammates remotely.

The system includes a webcam (W1050 1080p Fixed Focus Wide Angle Webcam, W2000 1080p Auto Focus Webcam, or W2050 Pro 1080p Auto Focus Webcam), the L1000 Bicolor Ring Light with Webcam Mount, and a mounting option (A1000 Telescoping C- Clamp, A1010 Telescoping Desk Stand, or A1020 Boom Arm).

The element that brings it all together is the Kensington Konnect application. This software is designed to help you produce the best video output for your conferencing needs. It’s meant for everyday users but has professional settings included. The camera can be used without it, but Kensington Konnect enhances the experience.

Features (for the system I selected)

W1050 1080p Webcam

  • Optimized Video Technology: 1080p (1920×1080/30fps)-with improved low light performance.
  • Fixed Focus with Versatile Positioning: Ensures you are always in focus and manually adjusts up to 37° vertically and 360° horizontally.
  • Wide Video Frame with Privacy Cover: 95° diagonal field of view and an integrated lens cover.

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