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4 min readAug 30, 2019

K&F Concept 82mm MC UV Protection Filter


Filter provides clarity and vibrancy for outdoor photos.

We have an optometrist in the family. That means that we are all very conscientious about our eye health. She has two children and they both had sunglasses as babies. She did this because UV rays can be damaging and can actually end up causing problems like cataracts and macular degeneration down the road. The same reason our family member has a vocal concern about our eye health is the same reason that photographers should use a True UV filter when working around reflective surfaces like water. A UV filter is a glass filter that blocks ultraviolet (UV) rays and protects camera lenses from dust and scratches. Some say that a UV filter will not protect your lens in case of a nasty bump but I have had this happen and in my case, my UV filter cracked but my lens was untouched. Some will find great use others not so much. You decide what works for you.


This K&F Concept UV filter is one of many that they offer. I have the 82mm size for my Canon 5D Mark IV lenses. The filter is made with Japanese glass and is designed to protect the lens from dirt scratches, fingerprints, and accidental damage. The K&F Concept filter is super slim and very lightweight. It is built with an aluminum frame and can reduce haze and improve contrast for digital images. The filter also helps to eliminate bluish case in images. This filter is compatible with all 82mm lenses.


The first time I took this filter out, I was out to dinner with my family. We decided to try out a new restaurant in town that has a rooftop dining room. We arrived and got seated around 6:00 p.m. and the sun was hitting the rooftop full force. I pulled my camera out and screwed the filter into place. It wasn’t difficult to secure on the lens, which was refreshing since some filters don’t like to line up properly sometimes. But this filter twisted on smoothly and without any catches.

I’m actually going to back up a moment to say that before I took it out into the blinding sunshine, I did a quick test at home. I simply held the filter with one hand in my photo booth. I looked at my other hand in the light and then moved the filter over top of the exposed hand to see what the difference was. It was interesting to see how much of a difference the filter was making — even under an LED light. The bluish tint was eliminated and my hand looked warm and like I was viewing it in HD.

Now, fast forward to our rooftop dinner and how I noticed the clarity of the images was greatly improved by this very simple filter. I walked around the roof and grabbed a few shots that would normally appears dull in that type of direct sunlight. With the UV filter, they appeared vibrant and clear rather than hazy. I also really like how slim the filter is because it doesn’t add a lot of weight to the existing lens when I’m using it.


The K&F Concept UV filter was an unexpected surprise for me. It is really well made and does a great job with filtering sunlight. I love that I have an added layer of protection on my lens when I got out and about and that my outdoor images look better than ever.

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