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7 min readAug 11, 2022

Earbuds have mediocre sound, uncomfortable fit, and poor connectivity.

When it comes to earbuds, I find that there are two significant factors that must be fulfilled before any of the other bells/whistles should be considered. The first and most important aspect is the fit and comfort to the user because an uncomfortable device will not be well received, no matter the sound quality.

Audiophile-grade earbuds that cause fatigue, pain, or discomfort will not likely sell well. However, a truly comfortable pair of earbuds will likely receive more accolades, even at lesser output qualities. The second factor to be considered is the quality of the sound followed by a robust smart device connection.

Thus, before considering waterproofing, battery life, accessories, and wired vs wireless charging options, a company must clear the comfort/sound hurdles. Unfortunately, the JVC True Wireless Earbuds experienced two quick strikes with fit/sound, and then quickly struck out with the problematic Bluetooth connectivity.


The JVC True Wireless Earbuds arrived in a 3 1/8 inches wide by 4 3/8 inches tall by 1 3/8 inches thick hanging-style retail package. The cover panel displayed the red JVC logo along the top left, a picture of the front/back of the earbuds along the top right, and an overly generic True Wireless Earbuds name along the middle of the panel.

The lower section of the panel provided an image of the closed earbud case, the HA-A3T model number, a large Bluetooth logo, and five product feature icons (Eco-Friendly Less Plastic Package, 22-hour battery life, microphone, water resistance, and touch buttons). The black-colored side panels contrasted nicely with the clean white cover panel.

The left panel listed the generic product name, while the opposite side panel re-displayed the main product features (Touch control, IPX4 Rain Proof, Remote Microphone, up to 22 hours (7.5 +14.5*2) battery life), and product accessories (USB charging cable, charging case, instruction manual). I was a bit disappointed with the IPX4 rating, and with the lack of transparency in the type of USB charger. The small icon of the short USB cable could not be…




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