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10 min readAug 4, 2022

Earbuds provide rich, comfortable sound on a budget.

Even though I love various types of music, movies, programs, books, etc., I will never claim to be an audiophile. Do not misinterpret my meaning though, because one can be a lover of quality sound, a comfortable fit, but also desire cost savings and thrift.

Do you truly need all of the bells and whistles of the most expensive pair of headphones on the market? Do you need the absolute best drivers/sound/bass, mixers, equalizers, etc? Do you require a certain brand/name to adorn your accessory?

If yes, you may not even consider brands outside of a select few. Honestly, for those highest-end sounds, you may not even consider earbuds at all, let alone a pair under $200. Unfortunately, with a recession, a Covid pandemic in full swing, and a potential add-on MonkeyPox Pandemic, many are struggling to afford the essentials, let alone extras. Luckily, companies like JVC offer quality gear at affordable, entry-level prices.


The JVC Riptidz arrived in a vibrant 3 1/6 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches tall by 1 3/8 inches wide hanging-style retail package. I loved the aqua blue color, the water theme, and the bright white-colored product name along the right side panel. The bold-red JVC name was displayed along the top left of the panel, while the blue Riptidz earbuds were displayed next to the product name.

You will find an oblique image of the charging case, the HA-A9T model number, an Eco-Friendly packaging icon, and four product-defining icons along the bottom of the panel: 30h battery, microphone, water-resistant icon, and touch button integration. JVC did a great job with the color selection and with the overall presentation.

The cover scene reminded me of an underwater or horror movie production poster with the broken white product name, white shadows around the earbuds and case, and the water accent. The theme continued on the left side panel with the product name and “True Wireless” label. The right side panel provided a list of the product accessories: instruction manual, small/medium/large ear tips, charging cable (USB), and charging case. The blue-colored bottom panel listed the model number and SKU…




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