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13 min readFeb 9, 2024

Get personalized and affordable sound solutions with JVC EH-Z1500 self-fitting OTC hearing aids.

About six months ago, my 97-year old grandmother consented to getting hearing aids. For several years now, we’ve all noticed that having conversations with her was increasingly difficult and within the past year, we noticed that she was becoming more and more reclusive at family gatherings. My mom finally had a conversation with her and asked if she would be interested in looking into having her hearing tested for the purpose of getting some sort of assistive device. To our surprise, my grandma said, “Yes!”

Making that decision is the first in a long line of steps to getting a hearing aid. Fortunately, there are many new types of OTC hearing aids, which make assistive technology more affordable and accessible to those who cannot acquire the prescription hearing aids. Since they started becoming avaialble, more manufacturers are hitting the shelves with their own OTC hearing aids. JVC released their Self-fitting OTC Hearing Aids (model EH-Z1500) in December 2023 and they seemed as though they might be a great option for my grandmother, who is having some difficulty getting hearing aids through her insurance.

About JVC EH-Z1500 Self-fitting OTC Hearing Aids

The JVC EH-Z1500 Self-fitting OTC Hearing Aids are Bluetooth-app controlled behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids. These are the company’s first self-fitting over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid. The release of this device is a culmination of a project between JVC, Minneapolis-based hearing aid maker Intricon, and software developer Tuned Ltd, which is headquartered in Israel. These hearing aids can be easily set up, adjusted, and personalized for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. The closest technological competitor is the Lexie Lumen, which does not feature the Tuned app. This app takes users on through the hearing aid setup process, powered by what the company says is the world’s first patented AI Hearing Assistant.

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