JOYROOM JR-K10 Desktop Bracket Wireless Charger REVIEW

Not too long ago it seemed as though I was trying to hunt down the perfect power bank to take with me wherever I went. Now, I’m more interested in finding the perfect wireless charger to go alongside my iPhone X. I’m amazed at how many different options seem to come out of the woodwork these days. The past few days, I’ve had the pleasure of testing out a simple, yet effective tabletop wireless charger from Joyroom, a company that focuses on developing and distributing quality, cost-effective accessories.


The JR-K10 Desktop Bracket Wireless Charger is a Qi wireless charger and any device compatible with that charging protocol should work with it. It’s made of PC fire-proof material and has can provide up to 5V/1A of power delivery. The charger is designed to give the user flexibility for charging their device. You can place your phone on the dock in portrait or landscape mode and it will charge all the same. Because it doubles as a stand, the Joyroom charger also gives you the ability to use your phone hands-free while it’s charging. The charging coil on the inside of the charger is rated at 10W and will charge up to 50% faster than other standard wireless chargers (according to Joyroom’s website data). The charger will also auto-identify the device that is placed on its dock so that the proper amount of voltage is used. You can still charge your phone if it’s in a case with the Joyroom charger. It has a sensing distance of up to 4mm and will automatically detect when the battery on your phone is fully charged. The charging operation will shut down to protect your battery.

User Experience

The first thing I noticed with the charger was, of course, its box. It has a reinforced, colorful product box and the device is well-padded on the inside. Included with the charger is a USB-C to USB-A connector cable and the instructions. There is no wall adapter included. When I pulled the charger out of its box, the first thing I did was check to make sure it was in working order. With the use of a USB-C hub, I plugged it into my MacBook Pro. My iPhone X indicated that it was charging when placed on the base and that was a good enough initial test for me.

My main testing included charging my iPhone X and an iPhone 7 in a third-party wireless charging case. The first series of tests I ran was with the iPhone X. I plugged the provided USB cable into a wall outlet that provided 5V/1A to the device that is connected. I set my iPhone X on it and let it charge for about 20 minutes. The phone started at 87% and ended at 92%. That’s only a 5% gain after 20 minutes, which is 0.25% per minute. While this is a little slower than other wireless chargers I’ve used, I also didn’t plug it directly in with a power adapter, which would have ensured the strongest charge possible. I would like to note that the automatic shut off function did work and I didn’t notice any hint of heat on the charger or the phone after its charging session.

The second test I ran was with an iPhone 7 in a wireless charging case (Bezalel). I wanted to observe how the input power was affected by the source. I plugged the charger into a USB outlet that has an output of 5V/1A and measured the power delivery using a USB Digital Tester. After 30 seconds of charging the tester read 5.01V/1.79A, which is slightly above what it should have been providing. When I checked the second power source — a USB outlet with 5V/2.4A — I got a reading of 5V/1.83A. I also noticed that the longer the iPhone 7 was charging the warmer the case and the charger got. This was an issue I have had with this particular charging case in the past so I believe that was the source of the heat and not the charger.


The JR-K10 Desktop Bracket Wireless Charger from Joyroom is a proficient charging tool for those wanting a unique wireless charger. I think it looks like something from a space station and I love that it has multiple colors to choose from — white, black, red, and blue. I also really love that Joyroom chose to use USB-C as its power port of choice. So many inexpensive accessories tend to use Micro USB still and I would prefer to see them move forward with a newer technology. The charger is a very capable, sturdy stand. It comes complete with padded feet and a padded tray for your device. It’s a very nice charger and it does a wonderful job of charging products. Joyroom uses three different e-commerce platforms — their official site where they can manage wholesale orders, Amazon, and AliExpress.

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Originally published at on May 2, 2018.



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