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5 min readSep 1

The J-Link 32-inch FHD LCD Monitor provides stunning visuals and razor-sharp details in a sleek modern design.

There is nothing more frustrating than having an essential piece of equipment fail on you. I work from home and recently, my family and I moved. No household move would be complete without at least one piece of property damaged and unfortunately for me, my monitor was the victim this time around. The day I moved, I dropped my 22-inch monitor and it shattered. My main computer is a MacBook Pro and I use the monitor as an extension of that set-up.

Even though I could continue my work as usual on my laptop, I felt as though my productivity was suffering since the removal of that monitor changed how I was interacting with my workspace. Fortunately, I was able to not only replace, but also upgrade my 22-inch monitor to a 32-inch FHD LCD Monitor from J-Link.

About J-Link 32-inch FHD LCD Monitor

The J-Link 32-inch FHD LCD Monitor provides an immersive visual experience with full 1080P HD resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. The picture quality is further improved by its 104 sRGB color gamut, 16.7M dispersion range, and ultra-high contrast ratio of 4000:1, resulting in vibrant, bright, and lifelike images. Additionally, the J-Link monitor ensures a smooth and fluid picture with its high refresh rate of 60Hz and quick response time of 4.2ms (GTG), eliminating any ghosting, blurring, or flickering on the screen.

In addition to the stunning visual quality, the J-Link FHD LCD Monitor provides ultimate eye protection. With its advanced low blue light technology, it effectively filters out detrimental light rays, ensuring relief from eye fatigue. Moreover, the display boasts anti-glare glass that significantly reduces reflectivity to less than 1, guaranteeing a crystal-clear viewing experience. Conveniently positioned at the back of the 32-inch screen are HDMI and VGA ports, providing versatile connectivity options for not just PCs but also gaming consoles and laptops.


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