izzbie ONE Home Virtual Private Network REVIEW


Izzbie allows you to safely and securely connect to your home network when you are outside your home. The system consists of the Izzbie device a small set-top box about the size of an Apple TV and the Izzbie app, which connects you to your account. The device plugs into your router to pull in your network’s signal. You then connect to the device through the app. Izzbie provides end-to-end military-grade encryption to protect your data. It utilizes AES-246 encryption technology and offers complete privacy (no third party VPN proxy servers are used). Using the Izzbie system will allow you to stay connected even while you are traveling. It offers IP Masking and lets you see what you would see on your home network. Since your signal isn’t going through cloud servers, your network speed is enhanced. When you are connected you can access all of your IT resources that are inside your network and your data is always protected. You have the ability to link up multiple networks to form one centralized private network if you wish and you can even share resources with multiple users within your centralized network. Izzbie is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems.


As I mentioned above, I’ve been many public places before and I’ve used more than one type of VPN to keep myself safe. I’ve never been 100% satisfied with them though because I know they can still be attacked. I loved the idea of Izzbie and was very intrigued by the system when I heard about it. The device is currently on Kickstarter with a little less than 2 weeks left on its campaign. To date, they have broken their initial $20,000 goal from 129 backers. So it would seem that dozens of people see the value of this product as I do. Izzbie is on the mission to “eliminate the distances between people and their homes and offices,” and their product does just that.


The Izzbie system makes it possible to have a secure, trustworthy internet connection no matter where you are in the world. I am a fan of this device, app, and overall system. It works. I think there are a few kinks that need to be worked out (connecting to network devices, etc.) but it’s a really great concept with a successful execution where it counts. Having a secure connection to my home network really relieves a lot of stress for me. I’m glad that Izzbie ONE exists and that the system continues to be developed.




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