IRIScan Book 5 WiFi Scanner REVIEW Quickly digitize your books and papers


The IRIScan Book 5 WiFI arrived in an attractive 12 3/8 inches long by 5 1/2 inches wide by 2 inches thick retail package. The cover displayed a slightly raised 9 inches long by 1 3/16 inches wide photographic black image of the IRIScan Book WiFi device. The white and grey cover background provided a useful canvas for the aqua colored accents. Beneath the main image, the company provided a one-inch wide rectangle, which detailed the features of the product. The label detailed the blazing fast speed of the worlds fastest book scanner at one page per second, the ability to eliminate the need to tear/remove pages, a fully independent WiFi Mobile Scanner, the ability to create PDF files in a snap without a computer and the Portable Scanner/OCR software and the ability to use the product with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android equipment. The white-colored right side panel displayed six aqua-colored icons, book, magazine, document, contract, invoice, drawing and within the negative space of the lower aqua rectangle, “IrisScan Book 5 WiFi.” The inversely colored left panel provided a three-step instruction manual. Plug your device into your computer and load your scans. Plug the scanner into the computer or connect via WiFi and scan whatever you desire. Remove the data with the included Readiris (OCR Software), edit them, compress them, and store them as a word, PDF, Excel and others. The top panel provided useful photographic quality images of the device screen and scanning an image.


Despite having a MacBook Pro 15″ at home, I wanted to test the device solely with mobile devices. I navigated to the iOS App Store on my iPad Pro 10.5” and downloaded the free App. When I opened the app, the screen immediately rotated to vertical mode and displayed “No scanner can be found.” Pressing the power button for two seconds, the device powered on. The screen flashed IRIScan, and then a red battery icon flashed on the screen alerting me that the device needed to charge. Navigating to the irislink website, I perused the useful online tutorial. I plugged the USB-A end of the cable into a 5V wall charger and the micro-USB end of the cable into the IRIScan Book device. A red LED illuminated along the top right of the device (your upper left) and the screen remained off. While the device was charging, I plugged the 4GB micro-SD into the side of the device and then further reviewed the instruction manual and device functions. There were six buttons on the top of the device, a WiFi button, Scan/Power/Enter button, a menu/trash button, a playback, back, right button, a DPI up button and a JPG/PDF/ Down button. I loved the idea that you could adjust all of the settings from the surface of the device. Change the save file type, change the DPI, press the menu button and then change from black and white to color. Before using the device, plan on needing about 80 minutes to fully charge it.




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