iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Fast Charging Dash and Windshield Mount REVIEW

4 min readNov 30, 2017


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From the moment my iPhone X arrived at my house, I knew it was something special. One of my favorite features of the new design is the wireless charging. I am one of those people who HATE cables and when I have to pull out a Lightning cable (or any other cable for that matter) to charge my phone, I just become aggravated. Having the ability to charge my phone by just placing it on a Qi-enabled charging pad or mount just keeps things simple for me and I like that. One place where charging with a cable is more and more of an annoyance is my car. I hate having to fumble with a cable everytime I get in and out of my truck and would much prefer a wireless charging option that is semi-permanently connected to power. iOttie has a great option for this purpose in the Easy One Touch Wireless Fast Charging Dash & Windshield Mount.

The Easy One Touch Wireless Fast Charging Dash & Windshield Mount is a universal smartphone mount that provides a fast-charging solution with the power of Qi wireless charging. It’s the same universal mounting system as the Easy One Touch 4 from iOttie, but it has the added benefit of the wireless charging capabilities. The mount has a telescopic arm for adjusting the position of your phone (extends from 4.9” — 8.3” and pivots 225°) and it attaches to your vehicle using a suction cup mount. The Easy One comes with an adhesive dashboard pad so that you can mount it there or suction it to your windshield.

Some of the features of the Windshield Mount include:

  • Qi Wireless Certification
  • Qi Wireless Fast Charging is up to 40% faster charge than standard wireless charging
  • Universal for all phone and case combinations from 2.3” — 3.72”
  • Compatible devices include Samsung Galaxy: Note 8, S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6, S6 Edge, iPhone: X, 8, 8 Plus, LG: G6, LG G6+, and any other Qi-enabled devices
  • U.S. Patented Easy One Touch Mounting System
  • Air vents on the back of the mount allow cool air to circulate within, diffusing heat
  • Adjustable Foot can move vertically or laterally to give extra support for smartphone
  • For additional smartphone compatibility, the Foot can now be removed
  • iOttie guarantees a hassle free 1-year warranty on all products

I installed this mount within just a few minutes. I opted to attach the mount to my dashboard via the provided sticky pad. I would encourage you to make sure your dash is free of unwanted dust and debris before sticking the pad to it so that it adheres to it well. I would also suggest that if you live in an environment where it’s warm the majority of the time that you remove the suction mount from the pad when it’s not in use so that it doesn’t lose its suction due to heat. I’ve not had an issue with the mount coming unattached from the sticky pad yet, but our average temperature during the hottest part of the day right now is 50 degrees. iOttie recommends that you rise the suction cup if it becomes dirty in order maintain it’s maximum suction ability.

The operation of the mount is possibly the most impressive part of it. iOttie has designed this to have a one-touch motion for putting your phone on the mount or taking it out. There is an Easy One Touch Trigger on the backing of the smartphone holder. When you press your phone into the mount, it snaps closed around it. To remove your phone, you close the release bars, which opens the locking side arms and frees your phone. I’ve really liked this method of securing my phone, but I did have one issue where the phone slipped out of place and hit the floorboard of my truck. Unfortunately, this did result in a scratch on the corner of my iPhone X. Aside from this mishap, the Easy One Touch Wireless Fast Charging Dash & Windshield Mount has been a welcome addition to my truck.

I can recommend this mount to those who are looking to add wireless charging to their vehicle. The only issue I really had with this product is the fact that I can’t use CarPlay at the same time. My car stereo is Bluetooth enabled so I can listen to music from my phone and take phone calls using Bluetooth, but I cannot use other CarPlay functions unless I’m connected via Lightning to my stereo. The mount comes with a Micro USB cable, Car Charger, and Dashboard pad.

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