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6 min readDec 18, 2020

Standalone device keeps an eye on your belongings

Even though modern smartphones have options for you to keep tabs on friends and family, it’s not really a reliable option to keep track of your belongings. There are some tracking devices available, but they aren’t standalone GPS trackers. Invoxia strives to provide solutions to consumers that will alleviate concerns over theft or loss of belongings. Their GPS Tracker is a single, portable device that can tag along with any of your possessions.


The Invoxia GPS Tracker is a lightweight, compact, discrete device that provides can be placed inside or carried along with pretty much any item you own. It features an anti-theft and geofencing alert as well as 4-month long battery life. A SIM card and 1-year subscription for GPS location tracking are included with the purchase of the device ($39.90 per year after the first year). It works on 4G LTE-M anywhere in the USA. There is a proximity radar and a ring, too. You have the option of receiving alerts by email or text message. With the GPS tracker, you can integrate it into smart home automations and control lights, music, and thermostats when your Tracker enters or leaves your home area.


  • Standalone GPS tracking with unlimited range ( no need to have a smartphone nearby, works anywhere contrary to Bluetooth only trackers)
  • Journey history and alerts (geofencing, suspicious activities…)
  • Exceptional battery life, up to 4 months depending on usage
  • No monthly fees, no hidden fees: SIM card and 1-year subscription to 4G networks (LTE Cat-M1) included
  • Lightweight, small and discrete
  • Emergency button
  • Free iOS & Android app
  • Limited to the United States of America
  • Works with IFTTT


The tracker comes in a simple box with an image of the product on the front. There are…




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