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Maximum Protection with Anti-bacterial Technology and Blue Light Filter

There are very few devices that get our undivided attention the way smartphones do. They are our lifelines to the world these days and as such, they are always in our hands. I don’t know about you, but I would be crushed if my phone screen was cracked or scratched up. Those types of flaws just eat away at me. So, in order to protect my phone from damage, I usually install some type of screen protector. This is actually one of those products I don’t skimp on price and quality-wise. And with so many different screen protectors brands out there, it can be difficult to choose which one will be the for your lifestyle. For me, I prefer InvisibleShield by ZAGG. They have a superior product and I’ve never had one of their screen protectors fail on me.

The latest addition to my phone is the InvisibleShield Glass Elite VisionGuard+. The screen protector features “advanced strength with 4-in-1 protection.” InvisibleShield mentions that it’s their “strongest glass screen protection ever.” The glass itself is made with aluminosilicate glass. It undergoes an ion exchange tempering process that increases the surface tension of the glass making it 4 times stronger than other tempered glass. The “VisionGuard” portion of the screen protector comes from the Eyesafe layer, which filters harmful high-energy visible (HEV) light from your phone’s screen. In addition to the screen protector being scratch resistant, it also has reinforced edges that help to protect corners from chips and stop cracks from starting and spreading.

Another key feature with the Glass Elite VisionGuard+ screen protector is the ClearPrint technology that essentially hides the visibility of fingerprints on the screen protector. According to the product page from, ClearPrint was “developed by NBD Nanotechnologies, this oleophilic process spreads oils from fingerprints so thinly on the surface that it allows light to pass through the oil, making fingerprints virtually invisible.”

Finally, one of the key features of this screen protector is that it offers anti-baterial screen protection. The glass has bacteria defense technology built-in that kills 99.99% of surface bateria and lasts for the life of the screen protector. This technology is embedded in the glass itself so the treatment won’t wear off. Even though this particular screen protector features this technology, ZAGG still recommends that smartphone users follow these tips to reduce the risk of getting sick from bacteria that can collect on device screens.

  1. Clean your phone twice a day to prevent the spread of illness.
  2. Use a screen protector that kills bacteria (and as a bonus also protects the screen).
  3. Use a phone case that kills bacteria or use a durable phone case (in plastic material) so you can easily clean it with a disinfectant wipe and wash your phone case under running water (instead of the phone).
  4. Use true wireless headphones or a headset instead of pressing the phone against your cheek while talking.
  5. Wash your hands regularly and, of course, after every bathroom visit.

Tech Specs

  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Military Grade: Yes
  • Glass Like Surface: Yes
  • Clarity: 100%
  • Weight: 0.1 lb
  • Self Healing: No
  • Shock Resistant: No

What’s in the Box

  • InvisibleShield
  • Instructions
  • Cleaning Wipe
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • EZ Apply Tray
  • Dust Removal Sticker


I’m a stickler for details. So, when it comes to installing things like screen protectors — where the conditions have to be just right — I’m very picky. While the end product — the screen protector installed on the screen of your phone — is important, I’ve found that at least 50% of the user experience happens at the beginning of the process with the installation. If the installation is frustrating at all, it takes away from the overall user experience for me. InvisibleShield has perfected the installation system though for screen protectors.

Each tempered glass screen protector ships with their EZ Apply Tray, which fits on top of the screen and provides for a fool-proof way to lay the glass onto your phone’s screen. You do, of course, want to thoroughly clean the screen with the provided cleaning wipe and dust removal sticker first, but the screen protector does the rest of the work. Once you place it onto the screen of your phone, the self-adhesive adheres to the phone and then you simply press out any air bubbles.

I’ve done my fair share of installations and I feel like this process is by far the easiest. This particular installation did, unfortunately, have a couple of flaws. After I finished the installation, I noticed a couple of very small air pockets that I could not get pressed out. They aren’t horrible, but they are noticeable (see images below). The second pocket near the bottom of the phone actually disappeared within about 24 hours of installing the screen protector.

I’ve been using the screen protector for several days now and I found that it works quite well. I haven’t been able to test for the presence of bacteria due to the lack of a medical lab in my office, but I can attest that fingerprints have been nearly imperceptible and when there has been a smudge, it’s been very easy to wipe away. The surface of the screen protector is incredibly smooth and touch controls are just as sensitive as when there was no screen protector installed.


Screen protectors are an important accessory to accompany your smartphone. Because there are so many ‘bargain’ options out there that don’t do a good job of protecting your phone’s screen, I like to highlight screen protectors when they are worth the investment. This InvisibleShield is priced around $50, but with its toughness ratings and additional safety features, I feel that the investment is worth it. I’ve never had an InvisibleShield fail me and the Glass Elite VisionGuard+ is a major upgrade from other screen protectors.

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