Invisible Shield Glass+ Luxe 360 iPhone X REVIEW

4 min readAug 30, 2018

I am the type of person who will use a case when I feel like I need it. When I know that I need to carry less, I use a wallet case and when I know I will be out and about hiking through the woods to get photos or running around the CES show floor, I will go with a rugged case. These are times that a case of some sort becomes a necessity because I know I will be more prone to drop my phone. I do, however, recognize that it’s important to protect your investments and my iPhone X is my #1 must-have device.

Even though I enjoy the no-case life most of the time, I have found that some sort of protection is still needed. Yes, I understand that scratches, dings, and dents are not life-threatening and sometimes they actually bring character to a product like leather. For me, I want to keep my device protected in a nice way so that I can still show off the design of the phone. Glass screen protectors are typically the way to go for minimalist protection. Invisible Shield has an impressive layer of protection for the iPhone X with the glass+ 360.


The glass+ 360 features a front and back tempered glass protector as well as a bumper case. NOTE: I actually received a different release of this product that only included the screen protectors and not the bumper case. So, this review will include information about the full package, but my experience is only based on the use of the screen protectors.

All Invisible Shield screen protectors come with a limited lifetime warranty and feature military-grade protection. The glass is ‘engineered to disappear’ with high-definition clarity. The protector has precision touch sensitivity to be smooth and seamless. It’s oil-resistant and easy to clean, plus, it has as smooth bubble-free application. The glass+ 360 kit is designed to look and feel great and keep your phone protected from every angle. The glass has a painted border to match the edge of your iPhone perfectly. The bumper has raised edges to provide additional screen protectors. The kit comes with instructions and an installation kit that includes an EZ apply tray, microfiber cloth, cleaning wipe, and dust removal sticker.


The Invisible Shield screen protector kit comes in a well-defined package. There is a clear image of the screen protector as well as some details about the product. When you open the box, you will find the screen protectors nested inside a plastic case with the installation kit stored below it.

Most of the glass screen protectors I have used over the years have been straight up horrible. Some have been incredibly hard to install while others have managed to catch every single little scratch and air bubble during installation. The Invisible Shield glass+ 360 is different because of the bubble-free application and how is installed. Invisible Shield provides an awesome EZ apply tray that allows you to place the screen protector without messing up the alignment. The application tray slides onto the phone like a bumper case and it’s loose fitting so that it can easily be removed after the glass is installed. I absolutely love this added bonus because installation of screen protectors is one of the most frustrating processes ever. The tray makes the process incredibly easy and not stressful at all.

As far as how well the glass works, I’ve found that for the most part, the screen has remained clean. It has collected a few fingerprints but it cleans up really easily. I have had a few issues with responsiveness. There have been a few times where the phone doesn’t pick up a tap from my fingers. This issue has been few and far between but it has happened more than once so I wanted to note it here. The glass also makes the phone notably heavier compared to when it has nothing on it. It’s not so much heavier that it makes me want to remove the glass but it is noticeable.


Despite the added weight and the small number of response issues I’ve had, the benefits far outweigh the negatives with this product. The glass is secure on the phone and it has proven itself to be a worthy accessory for the iPhone X. I love that Invisible Shield started including a bumper case with the glass set so that the sides also have protection and love how easy the glass is to install. If you have an iPhone X, you should invest in this screen set to help keep your phone pristine.

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