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5 min readSep 9, 2019

Invisible Shield Glass Elite VisionGuard+ Screen Protector


Superior impact protection as well as eye health protection.

I’m a fanatic about protecting my phone. I always have a case on it and it’s very rare that you find it without a screen protector on it. A couple of years ago, I noticed a sizeable scratch on the screen of my iPhone and from that moment on, I’ve always had a protector of some sort on it. The plastic screen protectors get the job done if you are only concerned about surface scratches, but for more dramatic impact issues, I’ve found that glass screen protectors are the way to go. My favorite ones come from Invisible Shield by Zagg.


The Glass Elite VisionGuard+ provides 4-in-1 protection for iPhone users. It combines the Glass Elite — Invisible Shield’s strongest glass screen protection — with VisionGuard a blue light filter for eye care protection. The screen protector is also infused with an antimicrobial treatment that won’t wear off. That bacterial protection gives users 99.99% of surface bacteria. The screen protector does provide military-grade impact protection and 100% clarity. The shield ships with a cleaning wipe, microfiber cloth, instructions, EZ apply tray, and a dust removal sticker.

About VisionGuard

Digital eye strain from prolonged exposure to device screens can cause premature eye aging, dry and irritated eyes, sleep disruption, and blurred vision. The protective Eyesafe® layer in Glass Elite VisionGuard+ filters harmful high-energy visible (HEV) light from your phone’s screen.


Screen protectors can be a real pain to install, but Invisible Shield has done a great job of making sure that their product is user-friendly and easy to work with. The screen protector comes with an alcohol wipe for cleaning, a dry microfiber cleaning cloth, and a dust removal sticker to make sure your iPhone surface is spotless before installation of the protector. Invisible Shield even includes a plastic guide so that there is no opportunity to place the self-adhesive screen protector incorrectly.

The kit that Invisible Shield includes really makes installation fool-proof. I got all the items in the kit laid out so that I could work quickly. I’ve found that if you take too much time to install a shield that you increase the chances that you might get dust or other air particles stuck to your screen or even worse — the screen protector itself. So, after lining everything up, I removed the previous screen protector that was already installed on my phone. It had done a good job and had been on my phone for 10 months. I did have a small chunk taken out of that shield at one point, but I didn’t want to remove it because I didn’t have a replacement until now. When I did pull the screen protector off, it came off in one piece, but the chip on it caused a crack to occur straight across the screen protector confirming my suspicion that its integrity had been compromised by that minor damage.

After the old screen protector was removed, I thoroughly cleaned the screen and grabbed up several specs of dust that had floated onto the phone screen’s surface. The plastic guide lays directly on the phone’s face. It doesn’t ‘snap’ into place at all. It simply creates a border for you so that you are able to line up the shield correctly. The shield has two covers to it. The first one is the one that you remove first. It is actually a hard piece of plastic and not just a film. I was having trouble removing it until I discovered that the plastic was part of what was supposed to be removed. Once you have it pull apart from the glass you simply use the attached tabs to lay the screen protector onto the phone’s face. Then you pull that film off the front. One of the most amazing features of this shield is the bubble-free installation. Once the screen protector was on the face of the iPhone, it simply pushed air out from between the screen and the screen protector.

So far, I really like the feel of the screen protector. It’s smooth and it doesn’t seem to be collecting too much dirt or fingerprints at all. That is always my biggest pet peeve with screen protectors — fingerprints. So, I was excited that ‘smudge-free’ was one of the features of this particular screen protector. All my screen taps and swipes have registered just fine and I was even able to put my battery case on my phone with no problems. While I’ve only had a couple of days with this screen protector, I can say that I think my eyes are a little less tired than they usually after using my phone for long periods of time. That’s probably thanks to the Eyesafe technology built into the screen protector.


I am a big advocate for protecting your phone with a screen protector and Invisible Shield really makes the best options out there for protecting iPhone screens. This particular screen protector really does a nice job of providing added benefits — like the VisionGuard for eye protection — in addition to having a superior product for screen protection. I really couldn’t be happier with the product and can recommend it for all users.

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