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Day two of Imaging USA is in the bag but the memories are long-lasting and so is the pain in my feet from walking all day. Our day started out with two learning sessions and ended with a learning session, which you can read all about in our Imaging USA 2020 Day 2: Classes article. We were ecstatic to be able to take advantage of several learning experiences with Canon Explorer of Light — one of which took place on the show floor. After our morning classes concluded, we moved on to the show floor.

We made the rounds and visited with a few companies we have worked with in the past to say, “Hello.” Imaging USA is a wonderful show not only for learning, but also for making new contacts, friends, and touching base with past business contacts. While on the show floor today, we took advantage of some of the great deals you can find on equipment. Many vendors have special sales prices for equipment and the expo can be a great place to add to your inventory. Truly, one of the highlights of the show floor today was sitting in on an event at the Canon Stage. Jon’s recap of the talk is included below.

Canon Stage: Glamming Your Bride

After attending CES and now Imaging USA, we have come to enjoy presentations. After our morning classes, lunch break, and tour of the showroom floor, we returned to the Canon booth for the 3:40 PM presentation by Vanessa Joy on Glamming up the Bride. Through the approximately one-hour long presentation, Ms. Joy positioned the model Bride (Alexis) in a variety of poses and set up a light to capture optimal shots. With the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III in hand, she added a 50mm 1.2 lens, Profoto B10, a handheld reflector, umbrella and a ton of experience. When setting up the bridal shot, she recommended looking at how deep the eye sockets were, to look at the color of the eyes, to evaluate the face for symmetry, to choose the optimal side once discovered, and then to accentuate the jawline/neck.

Continuing upon her morning classroom topic “How to Make Off-Camera Flash Look Like Natural Light,” Ms. Joy showed the power of light-craft. The biggest mistake one can make is placing a subject too close to a window. By having them take a few steps back, it enhances the light and can help to create optimal shadows. As you move closer to the light it is less harsh. She noted that shadows help to shape the face, and modeling lights/reflectors help to accentuate the eyes. When photographing brides, consider a longer lens to compress the face and to de-accentuate the nose. Ms. Joy provided several instructions to Alexis throughout the photoshoot. By mirroring her subject, the model was able to roll her shoulders back to make them less distracting. She was able to lean forward at times, to look away from the light and to accentuate the best assets of the model. Ms. Joy cautioned to avoid having the client look too far off-camera, as you lose the color of the eye. When posing the client, start with the feet and do not underestimate the power of the knees to accentuate the physique. Shadow over the abdomen causes a slimming feature, as does having the bride lean forward slightly to lengthen the neck.

The best part of the presentation was seeing the process for photo capture. You do not have to have the most expensive tech if you have an eye for the shot and use the light to your advantage. As an Explorer of Light, she masterfully positioned and repositioned the lighting, moved the bride model, and captured several images at various stages of setup. We loved the opportunity to visualize the TTL image and then to see the manual adjustments with each step. It was truly an honor to witness the craft and to see the process that Ms. Joy used to create a professional-grade image.


So far, Imaging USA has been a fun learning experience and the worst part of day two was knowing that we only had one more day to go. Tuesday is the last day of the expo and the Closing Party will be one not to miss. The amount of knowledge you receive is hands-down better than any other style photography event you might check out this year. If you have missed Imaging USA 2020 you should make sure you have next year’s show on your schedule.

Originally published at on January 21, 2020.



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