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5 min readFeb 10, 2021

Technology that makes health reporting easier.

The past few years have been quite stressful for me. In that time, I completed a 2-year masters degree, helped with raising a teenager, cared for an elderly family member, kept a household moving, written reviews at night, and helped my fiancé with ongoing health issues including physical therapy after surgery. It’s been a lot and at the height of that stress I noticed that I was having heart flutters and dizzy spells. At this point in time, I know that it was stress-induced high blood pressure, but at the time, it was definitely concerning. Even though I could take better care of myself, I’ve always generally been a healthy person. So, having that abnormality take hold in my life was jarring to say the least. One of the things I did to help myself during that time was to keep track of my blood pressure using the iHealth Ease Wireless Blood Pressure monitor. Because it’s wireless, it’s easy to use in a moment’s notice and the data is stored right on my iPhone so that it’s easy to share with my family or doctor.


The iHealth Ease Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor provides users with technology that helps you monitor your health at a fair price. With this device, you can turn your smartphone into a US & European Society of Hypertension approved blood pressure monitor. Readings are stored and charged in the app, which also helps to detect irregularities. The monitor communicates to the app on your smartphone of choice through Bluetooth. To use the blood pressure cuff, you just put the cuff on your arm the way it’s shown on the illustration of the cuff and then press start on the app. The Ease monitor is rechargeable and it is compatible with Apple Health. The monitor has been clinically tested for accuracy. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Blood Pressure Dock

Model: BP3L
Wireless communication: Bluetooth Low Energy
Classification: Internally powered, Type BF applied part, IPX0, No AP or APG, Continuous operation
Measuring method: Oscillometric, automatic inflation and measurement


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