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IFROGZ Impulse 2 Wireless Headphones


The perfect gift for any audio lover this holiday season.

If you are on the lookout for a last-minute gift for someone this holiday season, look no further than the Impulse 2 Wireless Headphones from IFROGZ. Priced at $50 (at the time of publishing), these headphones are an excellent purchase for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life.

The headphones come in three different color options — black, white, and blue. This would be one area that I think IFROGZ should explore — additional color options. The headphones produce a high-quality sound at a very affordable price. So why not provide a variety of color choices for users to be able to express their individuality?

The headphones ship with a carrying pouch, quick start guide, stereo auxiliary cable, and a Micro USB cable. The last item on the list is probably the only real complaint I have. I personally feel that Micro USB is outdated technology and I’d rather see devices use USB-C for charging needs. That said, I do know that USB-C is more expensive to integrate into products and if that would end up affecting the final price point of the product, then I would gladly take the Micro USB charging cable.

The headphones feature a 20-hour battery life claim. I can’t comment on whether or not that’s 100% accurate, but I can say that I have used them for 6–7 hours in one sitting without needing to plug them in. I love the long battery life on headphones because it means that they don’t have to be charged as often. I will sometimes go days before I picked up a set of headphones to use them. I like knowing that they will have a charge on them.

The Impulse 2 headphones have a really nice fold-up design, which makes it easy to store them. They do come with a carrying pouch as stated above, but it’s not a hard shell, which means damage could still occur if you are transporting the headphones from place-to-place.

Sound quality is top-notch. The headphones feature 40mm neodymium drivers for premium sound and the ear cups cover the ears completely for strong noise isolation. They are not noise-canceling, but because they are ‘on-ear’ style headphones, a lot of outside noise is deadened. I also found that the bass sound was very comparable to other on-ear headphones that are much more expensive.

I primarily used the headphones to listen to Christmas music while I worked at my computer. I thought they had a nice blend of high and low-end sounds and nothing sounded muddled. After feeling that the music requirement was satisfied to my liking, I turned on a streaming movie and was incredibly impressed with how good the mix sounded. The movie I was watching had a music track, delicate sound effects, like a dog barking and a bag rustling, and a vocal track. All of the sound elements were carefully blended and sounded amazing.

Because these headphones are currently priced at $50, these would make an ideal gift for any music lover. They are foldable and have on-ear controls that are very easy to use. Because they are so comfortable, lightweight, and affordable, I can wholeheartedly recommend these headphones.

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Originally published at https://macsources.com on December 13, 2019.



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