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IFROGZ Airtime Pro Truly Wireless Earbuds


Free your sound with truly wireless earbuds.

Imagine this. You’re sitting in the middle of a crowded room with constant people traffic. You need to get some work done but are having trouble focusing with all the crowd noise. You happen to be the type of person that gets distracted by conversations so you try to combat the issue with a set of headphones and some streaming music. The problem? You also have to be available to talk with people as they walk up to your table for information. You know what works perfectly in this situation? The Airtime Pro wireless earbuds from IFROGZ. They are lightweight earbuds that provide enough powerful sound to give you the music in one ear while still being able to focus on the questions presented in front of you.


The Airtime Pro truly wireless earbuds are designed with a 20-hour battery life. They come packaged with a charging case that charges using USB-C. They provide hands-free calling thanks to its integrated microphone and full navigational control through tap sequences on both earbuds. The earbuds are rated IPX4, which means they can stand up to light rain and sweat. Earbuds automatically enter pairing mode when they are removed from the charging case and they connect using Bluetooth 5.0. The earbuds have an optimized in-ear design to help prevent ear fatigue. Powerful 5mm neodymium drivers are included in each ear bud. One of the nicest features of the IFROGZ earbuds is that with the purchase of the headphones you are guaranteed ear tips for life. If they get damaged or worn, IFROGZ will replace them.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Microphone support integrated
  • Volume control available
  • Owner’s manual included
  • USB-C charging cable provided


I’m not always the biggest fan of earbuds. They don’t always fit my ears right and most of the time they cause me to have headaches. Apple AirPods are a ‘good’ fit for me and that’s kind of an odd shape. In fact, most people don’t tend to like the way AirPods fit. So, as you might be able to imagine I’m a tough sell when it comes to earbuds. The Airtime Pros were a ‘good’ fit right from the start. Comfort is key to me when I wear headphones — especially in-ear headphones — and I love the way they feel in my ears. They slide into place and don’t move around. The smooth nature of the finish really makes a difference when wearing them for long periods of time. I was actually surprised at how comfortable the earbuds were when it came to long-term use. They have really been a great on-the-go companion for me.

Sound quality has been above average although I have noticed just a little bit of a hollow sound from them. It’s not so bad that it’s distracting it’s just sounds like standard quality audio instead of powerful, rich HD audio. This could be a symptom of how they fit with my ears. Even though the sound is a little hollow, it’s still clear and not garbled at all. I’ve been thrilled with the quality I’ve been getting from the Airtime Pros.

Two other features I really like about the Airtime Pros is the battery life and the touch controls. Sometimes touch controls can be a bear to learn, but the Airtime Pro user manual makes it very easy to understand. While I was at the crowded event where I had to talk to people, I found myself nonchalantly reaching up to tap the right earbud, which, by the way, was functioning individually from the left ear, and tapping it to pause the playing music. Tap controls are also much more comfortable to me with earbuds. Usually the button controls require a hard press to make the action happen. This usually causes a vacuum effect in my ear, which is incredibly painful for me. That’s why I prefer touch controls. Battery life has been quite good. I haven’t used them for 20 hours straight, but I have listened to them for a couple of hours, charged them in their case, and then listened to them some more. I really like that I don’t have to worry about suddenly running out of power.


The Airtime Pro Truly Wireless Earbuds are a great companion for anyone who is constantly out and about. The charging case is slim enough to carry around in a pocket and they are very affordable for wireless earbuds. I can recommend these headphones for anyone looking for a solid pair of earbuds. These easily one of my favorite sets of earbuds I’ve tested.

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Originally published at https://macsources.com on October 4, 2019.



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