iForway PS105N 160W Portable Power Station REVIEW | MacSources

7 min readDec 29, 2020

The portable Li-Ion Power Station, with pure sine AC-inverter, should provide long-lasting power for just about everything.

Despite my love for tech, my family and I have developed a proclivity for camping and outdoor activities. Whether primitive camping with our Cub Sout Pack or Motorhome camping with the family, there are times that I need portable power for a tablet, MacBook, iPhone, portable speaker, or perhaps even for charging the family Nintendo Switch. Smaller portable 10,000 to 20,000 mAh batteries can help but often don’t have enough power for AC powered devices. Excitedly, the iFORWAY Portable Power Station could keep our gear powered when off-grid.

The iFORWAY Portable Power station arrived in a 9 7/8 inches wide by 8 3/8 inches tall by 4 3/4 inches thick cardboard box. The top handle reminded me of a briefcase and added a degree of fun to the product. The main cover proved to be quite informative. The Portable Power Station name was printed along the top right. In contrast, the company name, “USB-C 60W Power delivery In & Out,” “160W Purine Sine Wave Inverter,” and “154 Wh Lithium Battery” was displayed along the bottom. I loved the rustic copper-brown coloration atop the white background. I appreciated the variable color selection over a base black font. It added a much-needed contrast to the cover panel. The main showcase was the 7 1/2 inches wide, an oblique image of the black Power Station and the outlets: Type A Wall Outlet, dual 5V/2A USB A output ports, USB-C PD in-out port, DC out port, AC Port, round power button and bank of LED indicator lights. I turned to the rear panel and found even more information about the power station. Like the cover, the bottom provided brown-copper-colored information about the device and an attractive, photograph-quality image of the Power Station’s front. The rear panel provided a power output table for several devices: 1. Laptop 22 hours of extended battery life/2.2 full “changes” (suspect typo for charges). 2. 50 hours of extended battery life for your tablet or up to 5 full charges. 3. 200 hours of extended battery life for your phone or up to 15 full charges. 4. Can power a 32 inch TV for up to 2 hours (60W). 5. Multiple drone battery charges.


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