iClever Fast Wireless Charger MeGa REVIEW Universal and Inexpensive

5 min readMar 21, 2018

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It seems that we are in yet another tech dual, similar to that fought between the 8-Track vs. VHS, Blu-Ray vs. HD optical disc, Record vs. Compact disc, and floppy disk sizes. If you attended CES 2018, you would have thought that there were two shows that were smashed together. On the one hand, the industry was screaming USB C, and on the other, wireless charging was the clear-cut future charging technology. I have been a huge fan of the idea of wireless, but it is important to note that wireless does not mean wire-free. When it comes to wireless, the tech industry means no wires between your device and the charger and not that the entire system is wireless. The most amazing aspect now is that this technology is not solely for the rich.

The MeGa Fast Wireless charger arrived in 5 1/2 inches wide by 3 5/16 inches long by 3 1/8 inches thick retail box. To orient the box, I placed the specification panel (back) towards the ground. The front-facing white panel provided a nice backdrop for both the black wireless phone stand image and the “Fast Wireless Charger” title. Unfortunately, the panel suffered from bland generalities. The color scheme was eye-catching and attractive, but I missed a catchy title and any type of “wow” factor. When I rotated the box ninety degrees to either direction, I was met with similar bland packaging. Both of the yellow-panels displayed a close-up view of the wireless charging stand with the same generic title. The reverse specification panel provided the information about the charger: 5V/2A or 9V/1.67A input, 5V/1A output, 9V/1.1A output, 10W power, and 100–205 kHz. The top flap was the most visually appealing part of the packaging. I was pleased with the zoomed-in-picture of the wireless charging stand in action. The company intelligently utilized a close point-of-focus to blur the periphery, This put the focus on the product and drew your eye to the charger.

Within the packaging, you will find a 4 9/16 inches tall by 2 3/4 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches long black wireless charging stand, a 40 1/4 inches long USB-A to USB-micro charging cable and an instruction manual. The unibody construction was robust, with a 5/16 inches thick base and a 3/4 inch thick charger. The front of the wireless charge stand displayed an attractive large silver “MeGa” logo. Other than repeating the specifications on the base of the charger, the remainder of the product was devoid of markings. To use the charger, plug the USB-A end i nto a 5V/2A or 9V/1.67A USB charger and the micro-USB end into the charger. You will not have to struggle to find a universal USB charger, as the iPhone brick will work just fine. To test the power draw of the device, I plugged a DROK USB-C Multimeter into a 12W USB port on a 50W total Kanex dual USB-A/USB-C Wall Charger. Since the current is on demand, I was able to see 4.96V at 1.74–1.91A (9.42–9.47W) draw while charging my iPhone X. For my first test, I placed my phone on the charger at 12:47 am at 34% and by 1:04 am my iPhoneX had increased to 39%. I was not very pleased with the rate of charge and I decided to try again. For my second test, I started with my phone at 48% at 8:12 and by 8:22 my iPhone X increased to 51%. By 8:52 PM my phone was at 67%, by 9:01 PM it was at 71% and by 9:12 PM it was at 77%.

There were some definite positives and some minor deficiencies to the MeGa Charger. With the iPhone X charging, the device activated the reverse cooling fan. Some of the wireless stands that I have tested suffered from excessive heat and thus the cooling fan was a neat idea. If you were looking for a white noise machine, and a wireless phone charger, you would not need to search any longer. The fan did not seem strong enough to actually generate a current that you could feel, but it did a great job at keeping the surface of the charger/phone cooler. The high-pitched machine noise of the fan was only present during charging. It may serve as a welcomed background sound or may serve as a “where is that noise coming from” nuisance. If you wish, you can turn the fan off with the switch on the bottom of the charger. The rate of charge seemed a bit slower than the Ventev Wireless Charge stand and the design did not seem as modern/unique. I did like that the MeGa device utilized a dual coil design, to allow you to charge in both vertical and horizontal mode. You can simply turn your phone into horizontal or vertical mode, without repositioning anything on the charger. This feature was an enhancement over the Ventev Wireless Charge stand.

The MeGa charger was able to charge my iPhone X, inside of a Speck case overnight, without issues. My wife liked the appearance but did not initially like the mechanical noise of the fan. Additionally, with the DROK USB-C charger in place, we found that the product pulled 0.2A at rest. I typically try to conserve, recycle and enjoy nature as much as possible. I did not like that the charger used power without charging my phone. Whether charging with your laptop or with an included wall brick, the possible reach of the” MeGa” is simply mega. I would rate the device at 4/5 stars.

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