iClever BoostDrive Nano Dual Port Car Charger REVIEW Efficient size, maximum power

4 min readJun 19, 2017

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It is not uncommon for products to have yearly upgrades. Whether we talk about the iPhone or Android Smartphones or multiple other product accessories, companies continue to expand and improve upon their products. I had the pleasure of reviewing the iClever Boostdrive Mini Dual port car charger model IC-BD01. This device has been a staple in my Chevy Silverado lighter port, for the past 7 months. I have truly enjoyed the output and the dual ports. My only real complaint has been the white color, as this does not match my dashboard. Excitedly, iClever has created a new device, the Boostdrive Nano IC-CB21B.

Many of us have one or more 12 V car adaptors (Cigarette Lighters) in our cars, a piece of tech that started in cars around 1925. Unfortunately, most of our devices come with chargers that will allow for only a single item to be charged at a time. Similar to our home outlets, a car lighter is capable of supplying more current than many of our tech gadgets can draw. In fact, our car outlets are able to supply 10–15A, depending on the model (check your user manual). Remember, Amps are on-demand and will only be called by the device that is being charged when needed. When most of our tech is charged at 1–2.4A, we can comfortably charge 2–3 items. When cars have included fuse boxes, the systems should prevent over-current and thus reduce the chances of damage to the circuitry of your car and devices. Why would you charge a single device, when multiple phones could be charged or a phone/GPS or even a phone/GPS/dash cam? The iClever dual USB nano output device will plug into all of our 12 V car outlets and will offer a significant upgrade to your car.

I have become a huge fan of iClever devices, as they produce quality gear. If I had one complaint or more specifically a recommendation, it would be to work on the packaging. Many of their products ship in rather plain cardboard boxes with the generic logo on the cover. This product actually ships with a white slip cover, with blue lettering and a picture of the Nano charger. The slipcover provides a rather significant upgrade to the standard iClever packaging and provides the buyer with an image of the device. Open up the box and remove the small cone shaped black adapter. The adapter has an aluminum unibody and has two output slots for USB A outlets. Each of the outlets is capable of 5 V 2.4A output. Even though I have seen adapters capable of charging 3–5 devices, it is my rule to have a minimum of two outlets. This will allow me to charge both my wife’s iPhone 7 and my iPhone 7 plus.

The device is incredibly small, measuring 0.9 inches by 1.61 inches long and weighs an amazing 0.5 ounces. it is easy to misplace this small adaptor. I typically leave it plugged into my car outlet and I remove the USB cable instead of the adaptor. I have had a previous experience with a car lighter adaptor, that became defective after repeated insertion into the 12V socket. As there is some play inside of 12V sockets, the adaptors typically have spring loaded tips to ensure proper connection. The springs tend to wear out and then the connections do not work. So far the micro has not had any issues over the past 7 months and I truly look forward to using the iClever nano. The iClever adapter is so inconspicuous that you can plug it into your dash and essentially forget it is there.

Personally, the 12V adaptor is one of those devices that you do not know that you need until you have it. The price is incredibly reasonable, the product seems to be built with quality materials and packs a huge punch in a small shell. It does not get hot to the touch and in the past 2 weeks, has not caused any issues for my devices. I was able to charge my iPad Air 2 and my iPhone 7 plus simultaneously, without issues. Using my Drok USB Tester, I was able to observe the amperage output at 1.83 A with my iPhone and 2.0 A with my iPad Air 2. With the option of charging multiple devices simultaneously, do not waste your incredibly valuable charging real estate with a single USB charger. Enjoy the built in SmartID technology, to recognize the appropriate charging speed of your devices. With an aluminum unibody and quality construction, everyone should have an iClever nano. I would rate the device at 5/5 stars.

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