Hover-1 Horizon App-enabled Bluetooth Hoverboard REVIEW

4 min readJul 24, 2018


I’ve always liked to be on the move. I love taking walks around our neighborhood, riding my bike to a local park, and I’ve even done my fair share of skateboarding. With that in mind, I think it’s only natural that I felt drawn to the hoverboard craze that blew up a few years ago (no pun intended). When I first saw people riding them on TV I thought, “I could do that.” It was only recently that I got to try out that theory when visiting some friends on a family vacation. My friend Ava had a hoverboard and she was nice enough to let me try it. It was a blast and I decided to find my own. After some research, I decided on the Horizon App-enabled Bluetooth Hoverboard by Hover-1.


The Horizon hoverboard is one of several models that Hover-1 offers. I have the 8” Wheel model of the Horizon which is self-balancing and electric. The built-in rechargeable battery (36V, 4 Ah Lithium-ion) provides up to 2 hours of run time. This translates to roughly an 8.4-mile range. It does have a battery indicator at your feet, which is very easy to read even when you are riding it. The ‘bluetooth’ part of the product name relates to the built-in Bluetooth speaker which syncs with your phone for wireless music streaming. The hoverboard has LED headlights and brake lights for extra visibility at night.

The Horizon hoverboard is reported to have a top speed of 7.45 mph (thanks to the 8” wheels) and can hold a capacity of 220 lbs. This hoverboard is also app-enabled. The app will allow you to monitor your battery life, range, your personal effort vs. the motor, and will even allow you to plan out routes.


The Hover Board is an amazing product. It is meant for fun almost anywhere. I’ve personally ridden mine inside our house, outside in Florida, on tile, and on regular old concrete. I think the 8” wheels really make a big difference when it comes to how smooth of a ride you get with the hoverboard. I’ve not had any issues with the wheels getting stuck somewhere or caught up on a foreign object. That said, you should always be aware of your surroundings.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned since I’ve had the hoverboard is patience. For example, it takes time and effort to balance and learn how to move properly to get the most of out of your hoverboard experience. That takes patience.

The hoverboard is heavy to pick up and move from place to place. It weighs 24.5 pounds. The packaging for it was great. It was completely stable so that nothing was broken inside. I even transported it on a 900-mile road trip inside its original box. When you take the hoverboard out of its box, it literally shines. My first experience with the Horizon hoverboard was tricky but I soon got a hold of it. The first time I got onto the hoverboard I drove right into something. Even though I had a small set back, I got right back on it and tried again.

My favorite thing about the hoverboard is the getting on part. It takes absolute skill to balance and shift your weight to stay on top. The app is a nice addition to the hoverboard. It’s available for download for free and it allows you to customize your experience with the Horizon by letting you do things like changing the color of light on the back of the hoverboard. You can also monitor your speed and change modes between Beginner, Intermediate, or Expert. You even have the option to change your vehicle’s name.


The Horizon hoverboard drives smoothly and looks great. It’s moderately priced in comparison with other hoverboards, but I think it makes sense to spend a little more and get a good, quality product this hoverboard. I can recommend this for any level of users. Beginners will be able to learn easily with it and more advanced riders can start strong and do tricks with it right out of the box. I’m very happy with my Horizon hoverboard and if I had the choice, I would get it all over again.

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