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HomeSoap Disinfecting Station-


Every family needs this to keep germs at bay.

It’s flu season. That means that we’re all a little more careful when we shake hands, touch doorknobs, and of course, when we go to visit the doctor. But what are you doing to protect yourself against the germs collected by your phone? Studies have shown that smartphones have 18x more bacteria than a public restroom and while it’s pretty easy to wash your hands, it’s not as easy to wash your phone or your tablets or your laptops, TV remotes and so on. So, what do you do? Use products by PhoneSoap, of course. For several years now we’ve been fans of PhoneSoap here at MacSources. So, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be able to introduce you to the HomeSoap, a large capacity cleaning machine that is designed much like the original PhoneSoap.


The HomeSoap has a capacity for cleaning objects that is 27x larger than the PhoneSoap. It is specifically designed to fit multiple phones, large tablets, remotes, headphones, toothbrushes, and other hard-to-clean items. HomeSoap features two large, powerful UV-C lights inside a patented reflection chamber. During its cleaning cycle, approximately 10 minutes, the HomeSoap will remove unwanted germs that reside on the surface of your items. With HomeSoap you have the option to have it disinfect items automatically when they are placed inside or at the touch of a button. One of the benefits of using HomeSoap over a standard PhoneSoap is that it has two USB ports located on the inside (1 USB-A,1 USB-C) so that you can charge your devices while they are being cleaned. HomeSoap utilizes nano suction to stay firmly planted where you place it so that it doesn’t get knocked over while in use. It also has the ability for users to attach a Kensington security lock so that your HomeSoap doesn’t wander off.


  • Exterior Dimensions: 15"L x 6"W x 11.15"H
  • Interior Dimensions: 13.18"L x 3.43"W x 9.13"H
  • Power Output: 2.4A
  • Color: White, Black


Much like the PhoneSoap, the HomeSoap was ready to go out of the box. There is a very simple illustrated quick start guide included with the HomeSoap. The operational steps it suggests are as follows.

  1. Plug HomeSoap into power using the provided cord.
  2. Place the object of choice in the sanitizing bay.
  3. Close the door to begin the disinfection cycle.
  4. After 10 minutes, remove the freshly sanitized object.

I would like to add that the PhoneSoap logo on the front of the HomeSoap (a lightning bolt) will illuminate while the sanitizing cycle is happening. When it’s done, the light will go off. It’s a very easy way to identify the current state of the HomeSoap.

I love that PhoneSoap recognized that people might want a way to disinfect more than just their electronic devices. We have sanitized toothbrushes in addition to tablets and our phones. We have a big concern in our home against the flu. My 86 year-old grandmother lives with us and she has a compromised immune system. On Christmas Eve this year, I was diagnosed with Flu-Strain B. Right after I recovered from the flu, bronchitis set in. I’m always careful to wash my hands and so is she, but we can never be too careful. So, throughout the illnesses, I used the HomeSoap to clean my phone, iPad, toothbrush, and even the silverware I used and most importantly the television remote that everyone in the family uses.

To illustrate how well PhoneSoap’s products work against germs, I would like to highlight a testing process that MacSources writer, Jon, used when he tested the PhoneSoap XL and the PhoneSoap 3. He is a medical doctor and so he had access to a local laboratory that could do a simple swab/Petrie dish bacteria collection. The photo from his testing process with the PhoneSoap XL is shown below and you can read about the full process in his review here. In simple terms, he took a swab of the surface of his phone before sanitizing it with a PhoneSoap and then again after. The Petrie dishes were left to incubate for 24 hours and then Jon observed the amount of bacteria growth that was present after that time had elapsed. As you can see, the PhoneSoap product did its job as advertised. And while we weren’t able to use the same process with the HomeSoap, past testing of PhoneSoap brand products led us to believe that HomeSoap would live up to its claims as well.


I’m very happy to have the HomeSoap available for all our household items that need sanitizing. This time of year, it’s a real life-saver and keeps our family healthy and virtually germ-free. I would recommend that every family — especially those with school-aged children — invest in one of these amazing devices. They do cost almost $200, but when you factor in the cost-savings benefit you get from having fewer trips to the doctor simply by sanitizing your kids’ phones when they come home from school, it is really a wonderful investment to make.

PhoneSoap is actually currently offering Buy One, Get One 50% off promotion with any product through February 17 for Presidents Day. Use the code “ SWEET50 “ on checkout to save.

For more information, visit, Facebook, and Twitter.

Originally published at on February 17, 2020.



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