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6 min readAug 23, 2021

App integrated cube will teach you to solve the classic children’s puzzle.

As a child of the early 80s, I grew up like many of the Xennials. We played outside, played with physical toys, games, and puzzles, and lacked modern smartphones and tech. Around the age of ten, I received a little cube puzzle and immediately wanted to learn to solve it. The perfectionist in me did not even want to mess it up. Alas, someone got to it, mixed it up, and I knew that I had to learn to solve the puzzle. I toiled, played, learned, memorized, and even thought about removing the stickers. I perused the included instruction manual and found books/magazines on the subject. However, I lacked the assistance of YouTube and the modern internet. As Apps and App interactive toys advance, I sometimes wish that I were a kid again.

The HEYKUBE device arrived in a 4 1/8 inches square by 4 1/4 inches tall black cardboard box. The colorful top panel provided a slightly raised white font “HEYKUBE” with red accents surrounding the font. This design provided a nostalgic puffy paint feel. Just above the HEYKUBE name, you will find a blue letter H, a yellow letter E, and a red letter Y arranged in a 3-D cube shape. The front face of the lid provided the same information as the top panel but also provided a white font “THIS CUBE IS LIT,” with a surrounding red accent. The posterior panel of the black like listed “unbox and share at #heykube.” The lower box had a large QR code (Scan for Video Guide), while the side and back panels were left blank. Finally, the bottom panel provided the company address, a small amount about the Google Play/IOS App stores, product manufacturing labels, an SKU code, and a few other small nuggets of information about the product.

I removed the slanted lid and immediately found a red, orange, green, yellow, white, and blue-colored cube within a clear plastic cradle. I lifted the cube out of the box and noticed an “L”-shaped charger attached to the yellow/orange faces of the cube. The charger was easily removed from the main cube. The yellow section had a 5/8 inches square yellow sticker with surrounding black plastic. Similarly, the orange section had a 5/8 inches square orange sticker with surrounding black plastic. On the face opposite the stickers, you will find a single pin that fits into the central hole of the appropriately colored faces and corner pegs to orient the charger. Along the lower face of the orange charging…


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