HBUDS H12 Wireless Fast Charging Pad REVIEW


The HBUDS H12 Wireless Charger is designed to allow for faster wireless charging than other charging pucks. In order to receive this faster charge, you much connect the USB-A cable to a power adapter that allows for 15W or higher (not included). It’s also important to note that this HBUDS charger does not charge through metal cases or cases thicker than 3mm. The H12 charger is a ‘universal’ charger (Qi certified) that provides up to 10W of power delivery to Samsung Galaxy phones (S8/S7) and up to 7.5W for iPhone X/8 Plus/8. The charging pad has built-in overvoltage protection, temperature control, foreign object detection, and it has a lifetime warranty (after registration). The charging pad has built-in anti-slip synthetic leather on its top and silicone feet on the bottom to prevent slipping.

User Experience

The HBUDS H12 Wireless Fast Charging Pad comes in a fairly nondescript box. It’s got the HBUDS logo stamped on it with “Wireless Charger Pad — Powerport” printed beneath it. Two of the sides of the box have the HBUDS logo on it and the other two have the words “Charg Fast Live More” as a byline. The back of the box shows the different phone models that are guaranteed to work with it along with a few specs as shown in the following table.

iPhone X

In this series of testing, the iPhone X was placed on the H12 charging puck and did not have anything actively running on the phone. The iPhone was in a case but it still received a successful charging connection with the puck. I didn’t notice that the iPhone moved around on the puck, but there was one reading that turned up a 0% gain. I believe this was because it wasn’t placed on the charger property (user error). The chart below shows the battery readings I took while the phone was charging it shows a 13% battery gain over a period of 50 minutes (the 10 minutes where the phone did not charge was removed from this timing).

iPhone 7 with case

While I was charging the iPhone 7, I did have Pandora actively playing, but that did not seem to affect the charging efficiency of the puck. The case I used with the iPhone 7 was the Latitude Qi Charging Case from Bezalel. The chart below shows the battery readings I took while the iPhone 7 was charging. It shows an 11% battery gain over a period of 24 minutes.


The H12 Wireless Charging Pad is a very capable, easy to use charging device. I found some of the finer points of it — packaging, instructions, etc. — a little below average, but it was able to charge my devices easily and efficiently. I’m not entirely sure why the iPhone 7 charging case provided a quicker charge than the iPhone 7 but nevertheless, both phones charged well on the H12 charger. Because of its lightweight nature, I think this charger is especially good for travel. If you are looking for an affordable (approximately $16), the H12 Wireless Charging Pad from HBUDS is a good option for you.




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