Gear4 Sport Watch Band For Apple Watch 2022 REVIEW — MacSources

4 min readAug 22, 2022

This watch band can make daily journeys with you and stay comfortable the whole time.

Ever since the Apple Watch was introduced in 2015, it has been an essential accessory for me. I appreciate it for both fashion and function. One of the ways I’ve kept it feeling ‘new’ is by swapping out my watch bands. Having multiple watch bands allows you to change your look and have a different style for every occasion.

It gives you the option to mix and match the bands to create a unique look. There are endless possibilities when it comes to having multiple watch bands — especially with companies such as gear4 creating great options like the Sport Watch Band.


gear4’s Sport Band is designed to be a lightweight, breathable watch band. It mimics the style of the Sport Loop by Apple. The band is made with durable nylon that contains recycled materials. It is adjustable and is tough enough to withstand daily use. Because it’s breathable, it is comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. The band comes with a 2-year warranty and gear4 will replace it if it gets worn or damaged during that time.

The Sport Watch Band is available for the small (41mm-40mm-38mm) or large (45mm-44mm-42mm) Apple Watch and has several color options including black, forest green, navy blue, red, and yellow. gear4 offers the watch band — in either size — for $39.99. Currently, the watch band is only available through gear4’s website.

User Experience

The Sport Band comes in a simple Zagg + gear4 branded box. There is a cut-out on the front so that you can see and feel the band — if you happen to be grabbing it off a store shelf. The box provides some of the product’s details on the front of the box including the materials, the color that should be in the box, and the size.


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