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5 min readDec 22, 2022

Gamevice FLEX enhances the mobile gaming experience.

With the growing popularity of mobile versions of major gaming titles such as Call of Duty or Fortnite, there has also been a growing demand for controllers that work in tandem with mobile phones. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to try out several of these accessories including

Each type of controller has its own unique feel for gaming and if you prefer a certain console controller, you might favor one style over another. Personally, I prefer Xbox controllers so I tend to lean towards the controllers that are “made for Xbox.” One of the most recent entries into that group is the Gamvice FLEX, which is available for Android or iOS devices.

About Gamevice & FLEX

Gamevice was one of the original mobile gaming accessory manufacturers. They entered the industry in 2012 as Wikipad and in 2014, Wikipad announced its new controller called “Gamevice.” It was a detachable controller with a classic D-pad, twin triggers, A, B, X, and Y Buttons and dual analog sticks. In January 2017, a new Gamevice controller was released to work with the iPhone 7.

Gamevice is one of the industry leaders for mobile gaming accessories and over the years, they have really improved their designs. Through their efforts, Gamevice has literally transformed mobile devices into full-fledged portable gaming platforms. Their latest release, the FLEX, takes the popular design of the Razer Kishi, which was designed through a partnership between Gamevice and Razer, and modifies it so that it will accommodate phone cases.

The Gamevice FLEX launched officially in late October this year. It’s designed specifically to work with your iPhone — with or without a case on it. This is a HUGE differentiator between the FLEX and pretty much every other mobile gaming controller on the market. Another big feature the FLEX offers is the ability to fold up into a very compact package — rather than being a large rigid controller. Many mobile gaming…




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