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13 min readApr 25

Handheld Language Translator

According to a June 9, 2022, lingua.edu article, there are approximately 7106 living languages, 2508 Bible language translations, and 915 languages that are considered dying. When you ponder about travel and the ability to reach nearly any point on the planet within about a day (longest nonstop flight is Singapore to New York, 9537 miles at 18 hours 50 minutes), I wonder how long it will take for languages to blend/homogenize? What will be the final tally when travel times seem to approach instantaneous? What languages will be spoken by most people?

Currently, the top 10 languages are English (~1.45 Billion), Mandarin Chinese (~1.12 Billion), Hindi (~602 Million), Spanish (~548 million), French (~274 Million), Standard Arabic (~274 Million), Bengali (~272 Million), Russian (~258 Million), Portuguese (~257 Million), Urdu (~231 Million). Interestingly, the Cinema Language of the Solomon Islands is the least spoken language with a single surviving speaker. Sadly, several languages are at extreme risk of extinction within the next few years and efforts are underway to attempt to capture examples in written and spoken forms.

The importance of communication expands as we become more interconnected and global in tourism, business, and education. Beyond academic programs like university or primary school settings, one can turn to Apps/programs like Rosetta Stone or Duolingo. These can provide some assistance for those interested in gaining some mastery over a single to few languages and learning some of the academic nuances. For those who may travel to several countries with multiple distinct dialects/accents/languages, using a universal translator/software may provide a much-needed boost. The ability to communicate with someone in their native language could open doors that would have remained inaccessible.


As a portmanteau of fluent/talk, the Fluentålk portable translator device strives to decrease language barriers. The device arrived in a 4 5/8 inches wide by 6 inches tall by 1 5/8 inches thick retail…


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