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Charge, mount, and use your phone as a dashcam.

For quite some time, I’ve tried to make sure that my vehicle is well secured. This doesn’t just mean that the doors lock and the security system is armed. It also means that there is a good option for video recording while driving and when accidents occur. There are a lot of options out there for dashcams, but when it comes right down to it, the best camera you have it the one that’s always with you. So, why not use your mobile phone as that dashcam? The Ultimate Wireless Car Charger from FIORA gives you that option.


The Ultimate Wireless Car Charger is given its name for three reasons. First, it’s a wireless charger for mobile phones. The charger provides up to 15W of fast wireless charging for Qi-compatible phones. Second, it’s a phone mount. Users have the option to use the secure mounting option in three ways — with a CD mount, a window/dashboard mount, or the air vent clip. The mount uses an auto-lock and touch-release sensor on the sides of the mount. Finally, the companion app from FIORA gives users an option to use their mobile phone as a dashcam. The dashcam app provides video recording with a wide-angle view, speedometer logs in conjunction with the video recording, a GPS function with location logs in conjunction with the video recording, and an instant download for all video recording and logs. The Ultimate Wireless Car Charger is available in four different colors — titanium grey, matte silver, rebel black, and victory red. It retails for $49.95 (USD — at the time of publishing).


  • Fast Charge ability 15w/10w/7.5w/5w charging speeds.
  • Dual Easy Touch Auto Lock and Release Sensors on both sides.
  • Two LED charging indicator lights.
  • Intuitive sensor that only locks in cellphones to avoid unnecessary opening and closing.
  • Sturdy air vent clip or window/dashboard mount which doesn’t fall off on bumpy roads or sharp turns.
  • Silicone gripping on the stabilizer mount, charging surface, and retractable arms for extra grip and stability.
  • Uses USB-C.
  • Built-in cooling system to prevent overheating and surge protection,
  • Quiet but sturdy lock and release with height-adjustable stabilizer mount.
  • Locks perfectly into place every time.
  • Comes with fast charge QC 3.0 car adapter to enable even faster wireless charging speed.
  • Qi-certified product
  • Safety certifications CE, FCC, ROHs Certification


The Ultimate Wireless Car Charger came in a simple, well-designed box. The packaging has the brand name on it, a nice image of the product on the front along with the main features of the product, and a decent amount of product information on the remainder of the box. Inside the box, you will find the charger/mount, a suction cup mount, air vent mount, Type-C cable (1M), and a QC 3.0 adapter with dual ports. It’s a complete package. Moving forward with this review, I will breakdown each part of the three main features of this product.


Getting the charger installed is an easy process. It works similarly to other mobile phone mounts. You simply select the method for installation that you prefer. For me, I prefer the suction cup mount, which is telescoping. So, I snapped that mount onto the charger and then installed the mount in the car. I placed it on my windshield about midway up the glass. I wanted to make sure that it was placed so that the camera on the phone could capture videos easily without being blocked. Both mount pieces seemed to be well-built, but I did have issues with the suction cup sticking to the glass. It took me several tries to get it to stay put. It finally did stay sticking to the windshield, but I have concerns that it will stay affixed securely for longer car trips.


The charger portion of this device is powered by the provided USB-C cable. According to the information from FIORA, the charger can provide up to 15W of power depending on the device it’s charging. FIORA actually provided a wireless charging test on their website to illustrate the difference between the FIORA charger, an Anker charger, and a Belkin charger. They used an iPhone XS Max as their test subject and the results showed that the FIORA charger was the fastest charger between the three. The image below shows FIORA’s testing details.

Even though FIORA provided some charging results, I decided to do my own testing using an iPhone 11 Pro. Now, I know the battery capacity is different from the iPhone XS Max that was tested by FIORA, but I can compare the speed of the wireless charging on the FIORA to other wireless chargers. In the span of 30 minutes, the iPhone 11 Pro gained 20% battery life for a charging rate of 0.67% per minute. The comparative results are shown below. And you can see how the Ultimate Wireless Car Charger clearly leads the pack on the charging rate.


This is one place where this product falls short. The app does work and yes, you can use your phone as a dash camera. But, despite having a decent user interface, the function of turning the phone into a dash camera seems to make the phone get quite hot. I also noticed that if you start a video recording in portrait mode and then flip your phone to be in landscape orientation, the display stays in the portrait mode. So, if you want to record in landscape, make sure to turn your phone before you start your recording.


The Ultimate Wireless Car Charger is definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to providing a high-powered wireless charging option for mobile phones. I can see people who travel a lot or have lengthy commutes enjoying this device. I am a fan of this charger/mount but think that the dashcam feature could be improved. Engaging the dashcam app is easy enough, but the final display just doesn’t cut it for me.

For more details, visit FIORA, Facebook, and Twitter.

Originally published at on April 6, 2020.



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